Monday, July 29, 2013

SYTYCD on AfterBuzz TV: Top 14 Preview

What a great weekend for dance! If you missed some of my Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala photos, be sure to check them out here. I've been working hard on booking some good guests, so be sure to check out the updated list here. There are two dancers in particular who I sweating over to get into our studios. If it happens, I am going to make sure Chloe, AJ and Jake buy me a cocktail after the show.

Our guest this week is one of my favorites from last season, Spencer Liff. He's so talented as a choreographer and just an incredibly nice guy. I hope you are all following his career because he star is on the rise in the Broadway world. He also just choreographed a number honoring Chita Rivera at the Dizzy Feet Gala.

Get those questions for know what to do, questions go in the comments section below.

I will see you all on Wednesday at 9pm PT on AfterBuzz TV. Watch here.


  1. Hey everyone! Ana from Argentina :)

    My question for Spencer is:

    Describe yourself as a choreographer and how do you think your dancers describe you as a choreographer?

    As always looooving Afterbuzz :)

    1. Kristyn:
      Thank you for asking my question! Spencer was incredible on the show and it's soooo good to have choreographers for both sytyc and dwts afterbuzz!! You guys great as always!
      Much love,

  2. First things first, I love Spencer's choreography! You are a incredible. Especially loved your piece with Lindsay and Jakob last season. AMAZING!
    This is a question for everybody, do you think the judges comments to the dancers have any impact on how America votes or not?

  3. Spencer you should dance in all your choreographies!!! Your group routine last night was incredible!

    Also please talk about how GOOD Anna Kendrik was as a judge. So nice to hear good comments after the whole Carly Rae Jepsen fiasco. Have to say that Anna is right up there with Christina Applegate and Wayne Brady. These are the type of guest judges that have to continue on the show.

  4. Hi! Spencer, I think your choreography is amazing. I wanted to know what has been your favorite piece you've done for the show, and what's the most challenging part of choreographing for the show?

    Thanks :)

  5. What was it like getting to work on SMASH? (which by the way should not have been cancelled!) P.S. I absolutely loved last nights mini group routine and Lindsay and Jakob's shadow routine is one of my all time favorite routines! #AMAZING #TEAMJACK

  6. Hey Spencer! I love your work. You're one of my favorite choreographers! When you're asked to choreograph for SYTYCD, do you tailor the choreography for the dancers you're working with that week, or do you have them perform the piece the way you initially envisioned it?

  7. just bonjour .... to all spencer from france xxxx

    for what artist or musical comedy you like create a choreography?

    vivi xxx bye to all thanks kristyn xxx and jake my love

  8. Hi Spencer,

    My question is, when you find out that you're choreographing for the show, do you come in with a routine already prepared due to time constraints or do you work with you dancers and choreograph with them on the spot?

    Thank you!

  9. Hey guys, love the afterbuzz show, and my question for spencer is would you have auditioned for the show when you were begging your dance career.

  10. Spencer: If you could pick one guy and one girl to book for a broadway job from this season (still in the competition or eliminated), who would you pick and why?

    P.S, loved "Please Mr. Jailer" from season 8.


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