Friday, July 26, 2013

Jennifer Lopez: Actress, Singer...Wireless Store Entrepreneur?

She's a singer, actress, dancer and all-around entrepreneur. With her new network NUVOtv already launched, what's someone like Jennifer Lopez to do?

Well, J.Lo isn't one to just sit around, she's one to take action. On Friday, she launched her new retail store Viva Móvil in Brooklyn with partner Verizon Wireless.

Lopez shared, “There was no better place to debut Viva Móvil than right here in my home city of New York. We have found the best and the brightest to create a convenient and comfortable shopping experience where customers will really feel the spirit of the community.”

The native New Yorker is definitely giving back to the Latino community as of late. This store will offer a fully bilingual staff to assist customers in Spanish or English. All of the employees were outfitted in fashionable uniforms that were selected by Lopez. The best part is the unique scent that the entertainer selected for a pleasant shopping environment.

Families will love the Kids Zone with comfy seating and the opportunity to play with Samsung tablets and kid-friendly apps. Adults can shop from a plethora of electronics or pick out their favorite JLo-designed Smartphone case.

More stores with the J.Lo signature shopping experience are expected to open around the country.

For more information: Viva Móvil 

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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