Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sean Cheesman's Routine On SYTYCD Canada

I was alerted about the recycling of choreography from last night's SYTYCD show by a comment someone made in the  EW recap.

Pieces get reused over and over again in dance, so there is nothing scandalous or controversial about this. However, I love being able to compare dances side by side.

Who do you think interpreted the choreography better? The U.S. dancers or the Canadian dancers? I actually think the judges' comments make more sense once you see the original piece on different dancers. Give me your thoughts in the comments below!

Take a look at Sean Cheesman's piece on Jasmine Mason and Alan Bersten:

SYTYCD Canada, Season 3 with Janick Arseneau and Jeff Mortensen:


  1. Wow!!! It is like the same!!! It's even the same song!!! I wonder why he did that... I find that really strange.

    1. I'm going to bet that like Keone Madrid's piece...the number was restaged on request from the producers. Sharna said most choreographers want to move on and do new work, but some pieces are a success on one show so the producers want to see them again somewhere else. BUT as you can see, the SYTYCD Canada dancers understood the piece on a performance-level better than the U.S. dancers.

  2. I think the Canadian dancers had a little something more, performance-wise. Though, to be fair, the Canadian male dancer, Jeff, was trained as a Ukrainian dancer so Sean could choreograph aspects of the routine specifically for him that other dancers could not even attempt to imitate.

    1. Absolutely! The performance was on another level from the Canadian dancers. It's really important to bring a sense of maturity to SYTYCD because if you don't, you wind up looking a bit amateurish. That's where you see the difference in the dancers...all well-trained, but the Canadian routine was better performed.


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