Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'Good Luck, Charlie' Set Visit

Julia with her script cover before she had it autographed by the cast.

Last week, my niece came to visit me in LA and we had a whole list of things she wanted to do.  We crossed almost everything off that list, especially the most important one:  watch a TV taping.  She was finally at the perfect age to go watch one of her favorite Disney Channel shows.  Most of their shows have an age restriction of 8-years old.  For the major networks, most shows have an age restriction of 16-years, but Disney clearly knows their demographic and they invite the younger ones in.  It is a three to four hour adventure depending on how many scenes the show has to tape.  Good Luck, Charlie, has an infant and toddler on the show, so they pre-tape all of their segments which actually makes their live segments a bit shorter than other shows.  I was grateful for that.

The kids are entertained by a comedian in between shots who gives away Disney-related prizes, like the autographed script from the cast my niece won for laughing the loudest on the first shot.  He also played games, a DJ spun tunes throughout the night, and a snack of juice and protein bars was handed out about halfway through the show. It's hard to get bored when there is constant action at every moment.  I had a little 8-year old sitting next to me and he sat in rapture throughout the entire night.  I was impressed.

The show finished taping at about 7:30PM, so we had been there about 2 1/2 hours in total.  (Although we had to line up for our seats at 3:45PM, the taping doesn't begin until 5PM.)  At that point, the audience is ushered on to the set to line up for photos and autographs. Yep, this is a kid's dream come true.  The cast was friendly with everyone taking their time to talk to the fans, sign their script covers which are placed on each seat at the beginning of the show, and take pictures.   Everyone walks out of that building happy and satisfied. Way to go,  Disney Channel!  This keeps parents and kids fans for life.

See some of our pictures from the night at Good Luck, Charlie below. You won't see any photos of Bridgit Mendler, unfortunately.  She was there for the taping, but she had to catch a flight after the show.

For information on tickets try these two sites:
Good Luck, Charlie/Pair of Kings
TV Tickets:  A.N.T. Farm, Austin and Ally, and Shake It Up!

UPDATE:  On my Cocktails and Conversation appearance on June 2nd, I made mention of a great article from the site, Jezebel, that talked about the incredible diversity on Disney Channel and Teen Nick. Read it here.  

 The cast taking their bows...

 Jason Dolley and Bradley Steven Perry sign autographs...

 Soon-to-be Mama for the second time, Leigh-Allyn Baker...

 Jason and Julia...

Eric Allan Kramer...

 Julia's favorite actor on the show, Bradley...

 Patricia Belcher signing autographs...

 On the set!

My tickets were complimentary of Disney PR.  All of my opinions are my own.  


  1. If you should interview the cast at a future date and need a question, ask Eric Kramer who is a better Thor, him or Chris Hemsworth. Kramer played Thor in one of the Incredible Hulk TV movies, he actually was rather good. 

  2. I will!  This show is now Disney's #1 comedy and the cast is rarely seen on the red carpet.  I wonder if that will change now that the ratings are through the roof. 

  3. I didn't know Kramer played Thor.  He was the funniest part of American Wedding for me and I was glad to see Disney put him in a role where he could use his physical comedy gifts.

  4. Glad to hear it's doing well in the ratings; I think Good Luck Charlie is one of Disney's more consistent shows.  Interesting to see the set layout.  I always like the backstage photos.

  5. How strict are they with the kids ages to get in? My daughter absolutely loves the show and will be 3 months shy of 8 when we visit CA.
    Will they turn her away at the door?

    1. Hi! They were not very strict with the ages. While they say 8 years of age on the ticket, I saw smaller kids in the audience. I think you will be fine, especially where your daughter is so close to the proper age range. Have a great time! :)

    2. Thank you so very much!!! She will be thrilled!!

    3. Awesome! Let me know how it goes! :)

    4. Hi Kristyn,
      I have searched far and wide to find legitimate tickets to Good Luck Charlie as it is my daughter's favorite show. Do you know how the tickets are distributed? I even contacted Disney who told me that they do not supply the tickets to the show as they are provided by the studio where it is filmed. Any help would be much appreciated.
      Thank you!!

    5. Hi!
      You can get tickets via this site: http://goodluckcharlietickets.com
      It is legitimate and you should be able to get tickets at some point during the season. I secured my tickets through Disney PR, but I was told this site was the official outlet. Good luck!

    6. You are wonderful! Thank you for confirming the website is legitimate...you have made my daughter very happy!

    7. No problem at all! I believe that same site also handled "Pair of Kings" on Disney XD for show tickets. Good luck!

    8. Hello,

      Can you confirm what the "random drawing" is once you submit your information, and how close to the show date you find out if you've been chosen? Thanks!

    9. I'm sorry I can't answer that for you. My tickets were complimentary of Disney PR since I work as an entertainment reporter.

      With most TV tapings, you have little notice so it is hard to plan if you live out of the Southern California area.

      If I hear any further info, I will update it here.

  6. Hi, and Mia Talerico was not on the set?

    1. Hi! Due to child labor law regulations, Mia's hours were restricted. She shot her scenes earlier in the day without the audience. This was in 2012, as kids get older, the regulations loosen a bit.


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