Monday, May 7, 2012

Radio Burtt on Driving with Gass: May 7th

Every Monday night, I appear on Driving with Gass with Kevin Gassman and Cindy Love at 7:35PM PT/10:35PM ET on 106.7FM (Arizona) or online at KWSS.  My segment, Red Carpet Confessions, talks about the latest in entertainment news for the week.  Here is what we talked about on Monday, May 7th:

1.  Fifty Shades of Grey:  This is the hottest (XXX) book of the summer and it will be a hot trilogy from Universal and Focus Features soon enough. I'll be discussing the book on my June 2nd appearance on Cocktails and Conversation, so let's read the book together.  Watch the SNL spoof of what to get your mom for Mother's Day:

2.  The Avengers:  It is only the biggest movie ever after this weekend.  Kevin and Cindy were supposed to see it this weekend, but I was the only one who followed through on the homework assignment.  I will be interviewing Chris Hemsworth on Saturday, so I will have more Thor dish next week.  In the meantime, take a look back at the Disney D23 conference where they gave Disney enthusiasts like me a sneak peek at The Avengers and then head over to The Hollywood Reporter and read this fascinating article with Jeremy Renner.  He's kind of a reluctant A-List star, but his work onscreen is impeccable.

Chris Hemsworth

3.  Dark Shadows:  This is everyone's homework assignment for next week's show.  I am going to see it.  Let's see if Kevin and Cindy follow through.  I am a big Tim Burton fan, so enjoy my adventures at the Burton exhibit at LACMA last summer.  

Don't forget to mark Monday, May 14th on your calendar for the next Radio Burtt night.


  1. Sometime, I am going to catch one of your radio gigs.  They "sound" like fun on Twitter.  I'll be interested to see your interview with Hemsworth.  I've been a fan of his since his Star Trek turn as George Kirk.

  2. Yes, you have to join us some Monday.  It's usually a 20-25 minute segment and then I stay on Twitter to discuss it afterwards.  


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