Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bunheads Sneak Preview

For my ABC family fans who are looking for a replacement for the recently ended series, Make It Or Break It, check out a sneak peek of the pilot, Bunheads, starring Broadway darling, Sutton Foster.  The series is written by one of my favorite TV writers, Amy Sherman-Palladino, of Gilmore Girls fame.  I watched the pilot which I think has potential once the cast and writers get their rhythm going and the creepy (meaning creepy/weird) premise of getting a city gal into a country setting washes away.  (You will see what I mean once you watch the show.)  As a Gilmore Girls geek, I was thrilled to see Kelly Bishop back on my TV screen. It's genius that Sherman-Palladino cast two Tony Award winners, Foster and Bishop:  the former hot off of Anything Goes and the latter a part of the legendary cast of A Chorus Line.

The link to the pilot was provided to me by The Hollywood Reporter.  Password is THRBunheads and it is case sensitive.  There are only a limited number of views left, so check it out and let me know what you think. Do you think the show has potential?  Or do you think the icky start to the relationship is a little odd?

Go, watch, comment below or here or here.

Bunheads premieres on ABC Family on June 11th.

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