Thursday, April 18, 2013

AfterBuzz TV's DWTS, Week 5: Witney Carson

I personally had more fun on this show versus any other episode we have done so far. Anna and our awesome guest, Witney Carson, did a great job of giving us more inside information than we have ever seen. From learning about Anna's time spent with Zendaya to get her ready for the Tango to Aly's mindset after hearing about the tragic Boston events earlier in the day, Witney and Anna both delivered.

The other thing that has been fun guessing is where Witney will turn up this summer. Most of you seem to think she will be a SYTYCD All-Star on Fox. It's a great guess and it makes a lot of sense.

Finally, we addressed the Zendaya "ringer" comment that has been coming up so much. We discussed it at length. You are welcome to add your thoughts in the comments below and I will definitely respond if you have more to add to the discussion.  Otherwise, I think we have exhausted the topic on the show, but let me know if you think we missed something during our debate.

Thank you all for your fan questions. We are trying to incorporate them as much as possible into the show whether it is on the red carpet, via a phone call, or from my blog, I think you all have added so much to our show.  It's really amazing!

If you missed the show, you can download it here on iTunes or watch it below.

See you next week!


  1. You're right, Kristyn! It was definitely the most fun aftershow so far! Anna was ot of control (in the good way), she cracked me up many times! I didn't know she was that funny! Very nice to see this side of hers. I guess the adrenaline of Monday's night was still running through her body, LOL. And poor Jake, I could feel his embarrassment, but (sorry Jake) it was hilarious!!

    Another great and successful Aftershow!
    Bliss & Blessings
    Love from Brazil

    Geórgia =)

    1. Hi Geórgia!
      Anna is hilarious! We love having her on the show with us. She's so funny and it's been great to see her dance again on DWTS...she's missed as a pro. Thanks for watching!
      xo kb

    2. Welp, made the choice to Google Zendaya + Ringer, and was reminded why I don't watch 'Dancing With The Stars' anymore. All the unpredictable emotions and impassioned opinions that get mixed up in the dancing. Which is fun for some people. But for me, it was too stressful watching Sabrina Bryan dance so excellently and still not win. Although following Apolo Anton Ohno's progression the year before had been fun.

      Hope Zendaya continues to knock their socks off, she's a talent.

    3. I love you want a role model for your kids, it's Zendaya. She has her head on straight. Everyone thinks she will win...I think it might be Jacoby. The ringer status will be there every season. It's a topic that is exhausting and a bit insulting to the contestant. Everyone we have talked to has said that Zendaya is the hardest worker in the entire group this year.


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