Tuesday, April 9, 2013

AfterBuzz TV Week 4 DWTS Preview

What did you guys think of last night's DWTS show?  The competition is definitely stepping it up! Suri and I appreciate all of your comments, so we made a fun little video addressing some of your feedback from Week 3. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below:

There is one thing I want to address that was not in the video...placement of the guests in the studio.  We have added to our panel and Jake DuPree and Anna Trebunskaya have done a tremendous job with their thoughts and opinions. It is nice to have an uncensored pro who tells it like it is and who can explain why certain things happened they way they did.  With four of us on the panel, that means our guests are on the couch.  It is set up like Howard Stern's show. Click here to see an example.

It is not a slight, it is designed to give the guests maximum exposure while we interview them and it creates a clean camera angle for the crew to shoot them.  Please understand that while we are the faces of the AfterBuzz TV show, there are many who work tirelessly behind the camera to make this show happen.  We want to make it the best show possible for all of you. If you have feedback that I cannot address or you want to take it to the executive producer level, email here: info@afterbuzztv.com

If you missed last week's show, watch it here.
California DWTS fans, click here to read about a DWTS ticket opportunity.

We will see you on Wednesday at 9pm PT on AfterBuzzTV.com
with Anna Trebunskaya, Sean Lowe, Peta Murgatroyd, and Victor Ortiz. (Reminder: Schedules announced guests are subject to change.)

Don't forget to put your questions for Peta, Sean, and Victor in the comments below. We might read your question on the air!


  1. This is for Peta, what's it like being above 5'7" in a sport and cast that seems to be dominated w/ women 5'5" and under plus men under 6 ft?

  2. I have one for Peta, Is there any chance she'll recreate the Blindfold dance from Burn the Floor on DWTS? feel free to reword.

    Also tell Peta her abs are incredible, is that mostly from dancing or does she have a specific workout routine?

  3. For the guys being a woman I can imagine how fast the dancing heels would have my feet aching, so just how quickly did you want to throw those cuban heels in the trash?

  4. For Peta and or Anna: In the vein of last week's Men vs Women debate how hard is it, as a female pro, to give your male celebrity the lead while still supporting and guiding them.

  5. thank you for this beautiful moment ... Kristyn you are always very well in your interviews!
    you can just tell Peta I loved the last dance village people ....
    I embrace you all from France!
    xoxoxoxo vivi et rachel merci merci
    Peta and I can get an autograph with the team of afturbuzz please merci thanks
    kristyn vous etes génial avec suri bisouxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. question for sean and victor: do they have family and or friends visiting from week to week supporting them when they dance...if they do, do they get to spend some time with their loved ones?

    second question...other than rest, what do they like to do on their down time away from dancing, what do like to do?

  7. Peta...What was the most memorable moment of dwts? and with what star?
    merci (sorry if the question is not very well translated)...

  8. I know they said last week that the pro's don't have any input into the music, but how much input do they have with the rest of the performance like for instance Do they have input into the costumes?

  9. Thank you so much for having a place to ask questions!

    Peta and Anna- How do you go about choreographing a piece? I've heard of some pros that do it all before getting into the studio and some that do it as they go. Do that differ based on the celebrity you have?

    Victor- How has it been dancing with one of the new pros this season?

    Sean- What has the transition been like between the two reality shows? Did you find that moving from one to the other has been more challenging than expected?

    Victor and Sean- How many hours do you typically rehearse each day? I've heard a range from 6 to 12 this season. Being closer to the bottom of the leader board this past week, do you plan to add hours? What will you do to up your game in the coming weeks?

  10. Peta and Anna- do you have any plans to create any pro dances for any of the results shows for the remaining of the season?

  11. Sorry for all th comments!

    Would love to hear more about next week and who Sean and victor have dancing with them and who Anna is dancing with!


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