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AfterBuzz TV DWTS, Week 6 Preview

This is when it gets tougher and tougher to book guests because the rehearsals become more demanding with group dances and the competition gets even stiffer. Everyone wants to win.

We had two great guests for you, but they had to pull out late last night due to rehearsal. We are hoping to have them on later in the season.

However, we still have the amazing Anna Trebunskaya with us this week and she choreographed two numbers while Stevie Wonder sang live.  I have to admit, I am pretty jealous because it was an incredible opportunity for the pros and celebs to work with a living legend.

So, here's the week to ask Anna your questions about choreography, about how the show is run, how the contestants feel at this stage of the game, etc.  Ask away! Use the comments section below to ask your questions. The comments section will be the ONLY place I will take questions for tonight's show.

A couple of things I want to note:
   1. Voting:  We talked a lot about it this week on Twitter. Some of you are having issues, but this is probably not a topic we will address on AfterBuzz since there are so many dance topics to discuss. Technology is not perfect, so there are often glitches in the online voting system. As @DWTSGossip pointed out, voting is NOT run by ABC. It is run by an outside firm to adhere to broadcast standards and practices.  If you have complaints about the system, contact ABC here. There is also a People magazine article about it here. (If there is time, we will try to address Twitter voting tonight. That topic makes more sense for this week's team dances/results.)

2.  Autograph Requests:  Thanks for watching the show and supporting us, we really appreciate it. Many of you have asked for photos/autographs from the AfterBuzz crew. We are happy to do it, but here's the process:

A. Print up a photo of your choice at this Pinterest page.
B. Send a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope and Photo to:
   Kristyn Burtt
   c/o M4PR
   11684 Ventura Blvd.
   Suite 213
   Studio City, CA 91604

Let me know if you have any questions. You can always find the contact information here, too. 

See you tonight at 9pm PT on AfterBuzz TV! Watch here.


  1. What do you guys know about the immunity challenge for next week? Any thoughts? How bout what Stevie Wonder said about wanting to join next season? That'll be a first in DWTS US history.

  2. About the immunity challenge - are they making each couple learn 4 dances (their routine plus 3 challenge styles) in one week? Why? Who forgot these folks are NOT professional dancers?

    1. I don't understand this? This isn't the All Star Season. I think it will be a big mess. People are barely getting the hang of learning 2 dances. If they had to learn up to 3 I think the overall quality of dancing will be bad. Instead of 2 well executed, high level dances we'll have to sit through 3 simplistic, okay dances. BORING!

  3. On last nights results show, Len clearly is asking Bruno what score do you want to give Sean. This is not acceptable in any dance competition I have been a part of. Judges privately mark their scorecard before any discussion. It is evident these judges are not being fair in their judging. All the viewers that complain about judging bias on DWTS have merit. Your opinions????

  4. Dancing has been a huge part of my life. Love DWTS however, there are times when the judging is so unfair. How can Len give Sean who is stiff, awkward, off beat, made mistakes (I won't go on); and Jacoby the same score "7" and Ingo an "8"! Ingo made mistakes too. In the dance world that I come from rhythm, musicality, joy of dance, exceptional performance tops and overrides a slight pigeon toes. Jacoby's posture was good, his energy amazing, musicality exceptional and definite improvement with feet (pigeon toes). and may I say that song was not a great Quickstep song. Karina did amazing with putting this dance together. Jacoby nailed it. They should not be penalized for height difference. DWTS producers put them together. Jacoby brings so much fun and enjoyment to this cast. I feel Len does not want another football player to win i.e. low and unfair score. Please comment on show...Anna anyone please!

  5. hi kristyn ,suri and question is for Anna..
    hi anna
    you are on several choreography on the show with several groups and partners..
    what is yours trick to memorized all the dances it is difficult sometimes?

    do you ever have mind blanks in the creation process?
    and if so, how do you overcome these & find the inspiration needed to continue the creation of your choreography?
    thanks anna

    love it afterbuzz

  6. First of all I love watching you guys every week!My question for Anna:
    If you were on this season who could you see as your partner and why?And will we see you back for Latin week?

  7. Hi all,

    I would love to hear your opinion on the twitter voting, as it seems lots of people get upset due to it ( and there are some silly conspiratorial theories it's ABC's way to push Zendaya).

    Here is my take on it. I understand ABC is trying to attract younger viewers, hoping twitter could help them. Well, I don't work for ABC and have no idea if it's working for them. However, I do feel they might be upseting their regular viewers.

    I mean, this voting system is slightly different from normal voting, the difference being that less people who vote feel like they are on the winning team. When people vote for their fav couple(s) to get them to the next week and only 1 couple is leaving, chances are the majority of the public will be happy. Their couple survived and that's a short term victory :) The thing is, you can't really say that about twitter voting. There is only 1 winner. And if you lose twice in a row, chances are you just give up on twitter voting, because you feel you are wasting your time.

    I don't think ABC is trying to push Zendaya through twitter, although she does have some extremly avid followers :) In the end, it can turn against her in the finale with some people casting anti Zendaya votes (which I think is a foolish thing to do, but there were some anti votes in the past, so I guess we humans are indeed silly :)

    Oh, sorry for making this post so long, English isn't my native language and I hope you understand my point. Anyway, as I mentioned before, it would be great to get your opinion.

    Greetings from Czech Republic

    PS: I'm rooting for Kellie, Jacoby and Andy.

    1. Afterbuzz crew Hi!

      Have you heard grumblings from other contestants about how the twitter vote is working out? Do you get a sense that the producers are trying to modify how it is used? Do you guys think that the introduction of twitter to the show in this way is a good thing or not? Do you guys have ideas on how it can be used differently?

      My take is that is fairly neutral. I spend most of my time on actually voting for my favorite couple. It's not really tied into the scoring (except for Prom Week...which I think probably would have been the same result with or without the twitter). I think it just depends on how they use it.

  8. What was like dancing while Stevie Wonder was singing? Also are the outfits you were comfortable to wear?

  9. Hi Kristyn & Suri - Love the show! Some questions:

    1. Anna: In your guest blog for Louis Van Amstel you said that you thought Zendaya's Cha Cha was the best technical cha cha you've seen by a celebrity. Can you you expand for the casual view who doesn't know much about technique?
    2. Anna: Also can you comment on Len's comment about Kellie & Derek and the space between them during the Quickstep. There was a debate among the judges...what's your take on that?

  10. Anna - last week they showed Derek getting frustrated with Kellie. This week we saw Val getting frustrated with Zendaya. Can you shed some insight as to what it's REALLY like trying to teach a celebrity a dance. It seemed like Val was getting some heat for yelling at her probably because of her age. In her weekly blog she felt the need to defend him. Thoughts?

  11. What do you feel about the twitter voting, every time Zendaya winning one and samba def. danced a better dance than paso and they got the encore because of Zendaya

  12. Hi Guys,

    I heard a rumor that Shirley Ballas said that there would be a 4 person finale instead of 3 couples. Have you heard this rumor? If true...why would they switch up the format? Do you think it's a good idea?

  13. Hi Kristyn -

    This is Laura from FB. Personally, I love the shows where you don't have a special guest. I love hearing the four of you discuss the show, dances, choreography, etc. I would be interested in the group's take on Len's comment that Derek and Kellie's quickstep was the best dance of the season. I realize that everything is subjective, but in my book, nothing can top the amazing Argentine Tango that Val and Zendaya did last week (with Maks and Anna of course!!!) To me that was absolute perfection from the costuming, to the hair and make-up, to the choreography, to the execution of the dance itself. And, I am wondering what Anna thinks Zendaya has to do to get "a 10 from Len" as he loves to say. Either her Argentine Tango or this week's cha cha seemed deserving. Not sure what stuck out to him about Kellie's quickstep. But, don't get me wrong - love Kellie too. They both have helped to make this a great season so far. Looking forward to the show!!

  14. Hi!
    my question for anna is:
    which experience/moment that you most remember about dwts so far? &
    will se you in new projects? because I miss you so much on the show!
    {please tell anna i lover so much} <3
    Valeria from Perú :)

  15. Hey everyone!
    My question is for Anna. I was wondering what was your favorite season that you have done and why?



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