Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dancing with the Stars Show: Tristan MacManus, Henry Byalikov

Whoa! What a show, right? It was a cast of thousands in the studio last night with Tristan MacManus, Henry Byalikov, and Anna Trebunskaya at AfterBuzz TV. Thank you so much for all of your questions and to Grant for calling in.  You will see how much fun we had because we could not stop laughing throughout the show. What you didn't see was that Maria Menounos was with us before the show started. So, the photo up top proves she was in the building last night!

Me and Henry

We will be back next week with even more exciting guests...are you ready to hear who will be in our studio?

Guests: Peta Murgatroyd, Sean Lowe, and Victor Ortiz....and yes, Anna Trebunskaya will be back!

As always, put the questions and comments below for next week and spread the word about next week's show!

Thank you for your support!  We love you guys. xoxo

If you want to download the podcast, go here.

Me, Tristan, and Suri


  1. Love your show, Kristyn! (and Suri) :) Loved your guests this week too! I love how positive Tristan was about everyone dancing and their journey. I also want to say that I think Anna is a great guest. Glad she's coming back next week. She adds so much to the conversation with her knowledge and expertise when you are breaking down the dances and scores! Can't wait until next week! Thanks!

  2. thank you for this beautiful moment ... Kristyn you are always very well in your interviews!
    you can just tell Peta I loved the last dance village people ....
    I embrace you all from France!
    xoxoxoxo vivi et rachel merci merci


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