Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AfterBuzz TV Dancing With the Stars, Week 7 Preview

We did let one of our guest's names slip on last week's show. We had her on last year and she provided a tremendous amount of insight, commentary, and opinions on Season 15. It's going to be great to hear what she has to say about Season 16.

Wednesday night's guest is...Shirley Ballas!  Joining her will be professional dancer Yegor Novikov who has had incredible success in competition.  Of course, Anna will also be in the house, so start sending in your questions. Post them in the comments below.

Don't forget to watch the show on AfterBuzz TV at 9pm PT. Link is here.


  1. Bonjour.. afterbuzz team !..
    my question is for kristyn...
    Kristyn if you participate in dwts dancer .. what would you choose such as pro dancer ?
    except gleb! already chosen by suri!
    gros bisous a vous tous....

    hello pretty lady Shirley Ballas..

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  3. Shout out to Anna: Whenever I hear Bulletproof I think of her and Evan's cha cha that was futuristic and amazing! I stopped watching the show until All-Stars because they didn't win.

    Also what is your guys take on the Aly picking Andy controversy that seems to have interrupted on the messages boards because of Val's comments? From what I have read there was a basic agreement by all the celebs about who was going to dance what and who during the dance off before we saw it. I think it is all a big wonky and drama filled, but I wonder what your opinions.

  4. Hi Anna, first of all you are truly one of the best pros on DWTS and I hope you come back as a regular next season! My question: Is the nitpicking towards Zendaya by the judges justified? Can you comment on the marks rewarded to the lack of content in Aly's "salsa" vs. Zendaya's technically sound and well-performed paso? Val is giving this girl sophisticated, pro-level choreography and she is pulling it off and more. I feel that the audience doesn't truly understand the difficulty of her dances, because she makes them look so effortless. That of which has everything to do with her work ethic and nothing to do with being a hip-hop dancer. I'm just interested to hear your thoughts, because as a trained dancer, I have trouble understanding how some of the marks for others are warranted.

  5. Hi Anna. I've always wanted to know if the couples rehearse to the original song they've given, an edited version of that song, or the band's version. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you compete on the show again.

  6. Please ask Shirley if she knows if there has been any talk between Aly & Mark about Mark choreographing Aly's 2014 floor routine. The thought of Aly's tumbling skills with good choreography and dancing is soooooo exciting. Thanks! Love listening to you guys each week.

  7. Hi Kristyn,

    This one would be for Shirley, Does she have any thoughts on Julianne and Derek Hough's proposed series Blackpool?

  8. For Shirley, If you could spend only 1 hour assisting each remaining couple what would your focus be?

  9. I want to say CONGRATS to Suri for your episode of Glee last week you were AMAZING, Jake I hope you had an incredible birthday and Anna you blow me away each time I see you dance, Kristyn & Shirley I love both of you. Do you think it was fair to do the immunity challenge? I mean there were couples that didn't even stand a chance at getting it, and do you think the judges were to harsh on Andy?


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