Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AfterBuzz TV's DWTS Week 5 Preview

I know you have all been waiting for the announcement of the guests for tonight's Dancing with the Stars show on AfterBuzz TV.  This week was such a busy week for all of the dancers, so we had to wait a bit to hear back from their contact person. However, I think this is going to be a fun ladies' night. (Jake DuPree is going to be surrounded by lots of girls tonight!)

Since we will be talking about Len's Side by Side Challenge, we will have our resident expert, Anna Trebunskaya, who performed three numbers this week plus...

New troupe member Witney Carson, fresh off of last season's So You Think You Can Dance....

She's going to try and bring another familiar face with pro, Victor Ortiz's partner, and fellow SYTYCD contestant, Lindsay Arnold. (Witney is confirmed, Lindsay will appear if her schedule allows.)

So don't forget to watch tonight at 9pm PT LIVE on AfterBuzz TV. Link is here.

If you have questions for Anna, Witney, or Lindsay, post them in the comments below.  This is the official place to submit questions.  


  1. Hi Kristyn! Hope you had a good week, busy gal you are:) My question is for Anna...How was it working with Kellie this week? Did you notice that she dances better in rehearsal vs show nights? I am starting to notice nerves on her (completely normal and ok!!!) but sometimes i watch footage of her and i am blown away and then she comes out and dances and she is still amazing but i almost think she could do better- or seen footage of her dancing better. I loved the side by side- i think its great for a female to work with a female and vice versa for the males. Brings a new perspective and freshness to the rehearsals especially around week 5 when the competition starts to weigh the hardest on the celebs physically, mentally, etc. Thanks much and look forward to the show!

  2. Witney was great on Monday in Mark and Aly's dance, you could definitely see attitude wise that she helped Aly a lot in the samba. Since she was working with Aly, can you ask her if she was able to see an affect/difference after learning of the events in Boston on Monday? Aly said in a bunch of interviews that had she not have been on DWTS she would have been the grand marshall of the marathon, thinking about that would definitely have spooked me.


  3. just thank you all for your signatures Kristyn, anna, suri and jake!

    anna I thought you were a journalist, what a surprise to see you dance with Val ! and I discover a great dancer .. what great work!
    I also discovers Lindsay Arnold I like to see the repetitions are funny lol

    ( for suri ! you are very good on the picture ahaha love it )

    gros bisou a tous ......kristyn tu es the best ! love it xxxx xo !

  4. i have a question for everyone , i know zendaya is the youngest but do you feel she might be a little pushed out or not as close to the other stars because obviously her school commitments and because shes so young she doesnt have as much time to bond ? thanks kristyn , love the show :)

  5. loved witney and her dance last night!! Ask Anna what she sees as differences in learning styles for each contestant. How well do they pick up the dance....who learns faster or slower...things like that...and the teaching styles of the pros she worked with...

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  7. Hope there's still time to send a question.

    First of all it was SO good seeing Anna performing on the show again!!!! She's incredible and mesmerizing! That lift on the Argentine Tango particularly! Maks lifted her like she was as heavy as paper... Maks is a beast! Loved seeing him back too. Then, I have to point out how amazing is seeing all of those celebrities who go there and performe.

    Here's my question to the pros there: is that hard to a pro to memorize the routines in those busy weeks when there are (least) 2 different style of dance (with their respective celebrities), besides choreographing and/or performing some pro dancing in the result show or it's not that hard because those were their own creations?

    Because I've been wondering how hard it is to the stars to memorize the full choreography. I mean, there are so many steps and differente styles, plus having to also remember all the technique of those styles: frame, footwork, beautiful lines, hip action, facial expression etc... It's just too much to handle to someone who's not a professional. And in the end of the day, even if they aren't the best dancers, they go out there and performe. That's something I admire!

    Hope I made myself clear - foreigner in action! ;)
    Bliss & Blessings


    PS: Finally got to post my comment!

  8. It may be too late to post a comment, but I love Witney! I'm a fan of SYTYCD, and I thought she was incredible last season on the show. She adapted so well to every style that was thrown at her, which was really fun and exciting to watch.

    My question is: How does she enjoy being on the troupe? Does she work with any of the stars and their pro partners (perhaps Lindsay & Victor) to help with choreography, technique, etc.? Does she hope to become a pro next season or soon thereafter?

    And also something I've heard a little bit about and am really excited for...her new dance movie with Chehon from SYTYCD!! I think it's called East Side Story. Are they done filming? Is there a release date yet?

    Thanks!! :)

    1. Yes I wonder if she is the next Julianne hough! I can't believe witney is in a movie already at 19. What a dream. What does she think about being so young and being able to live her dream. Will she stay grounded and learn from those who were before her and have fallen into horrible habits! She seems to have her head on straight so I won't even worry about witney! She is my inspiration!

  9. Hello I've a question for wit- loved her on sytycd and the troupe, so who does she still keep in touch with from her season? Or closest guy/girl? Pls return as an all star!! And what is it like working on the troupe?

  10. Witney, If you become a pro on the show, if you could pick a star to be paired with who would it be and why? P.S. please follow me on twitter both of you @jonycalderon11, HUGE fan #FellowUtahn love both of you so much!!

  11. I have a question for Witney. She is so vibrant on stage it's almost like she has this grasp or pull about her that you can't turn away from watching her! What is it about. Her does she think this happens? Can she give us some lessons in how we can learn to do that? I love her and think she should be a pro. I have seen some choreo of hers and I think she would be an amazing pro... Thanks


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