Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Top 11 Thoughts on the SAG Awards Red Carpet

It's my annual Top Thoughts about the SAG Awards--this year, you get 11! It was a strange red carpet..what happened to poor Giuliana Rancic during the E! Red Carpet show? meltdown. It was a bizarre night, but one that brought lots of snarky comments.  Here we go!

1. Helen Hunt:  Like Jodie Foster, (almost) 50 looks fabulous!  She's also fab in The Sessions, don't miss it! Dress by Romona Keveza.

2.  Julia Stiles:  When did Julia Stiles become a Midwestern housewife?  You are 31, get out there, be young, show off your figure, and get a new hairdo.

3. Bradley Cooper: I'm not a fan of scruff on men, but I like Bradley Cooper better with a little stubble. He looks naked without it.

4. Ariel Winter:  I've had to cover her custody case story a lot over the last six months.  I've interviewed her many times.  She's lovely.  I'm so happy to hear she's thriving and doing really well under her older sister's watchful eye.  She deserves a happy childhood.

5. Julianne Moore:  Just because you are at the SAG Awards, doesn't mean you bring the SAG with you.  Who dressed her? (As of 2012, it was Leslie Fremar.) For shame.

6.  Amanda Seyfried:  I love her.  She's snarky in interviews.  I can't wait to sit one-on-one with her in the future...when snark meets snark.  Best Dressed of the night.  Gorgeous Zac Posen dress in the color of the night:  navy blue.

7. Marion Cotillard:  She had the flu.  The next time I have the flu, I want to look like this.  Stunning in Christian Dior.

8.  January Jones:  My awards season posts are NOTHING without a mention of January.  She styles herself, kids.  She's always a wild card, but I think she looks pretty tame compared to this or this.  Dressed in Prabal Gurung. Thoughts?

9.  Nicole Kidman:  I yelled at you throughout the 2011 awards show season.  I am so proud.  You look beautiful and only mildly over-Botoxed.  Dressed in Vivienne Westwood.

10.  Kiernan Shipka:  I feel like a proud momma.  I interviewed her when she was 10 years old.  Here she is at 13...all grown up.  Sweet girl with tons of talent.  Oh yeah, barely a teen and in Oscar de la Renta!

11.  Kaley Cuoco:  My mop broke.  I know where it wound up.  On her head.  What the???

Okay, give me your thoughts, I want to know what you have to say!

Below is my Spreecast with James Molnar discussing the SAG Awards results and what it means to the Oscars,


  1. Kiernan looked fantastic (and age appropriate), I totally agree with you about Julianne Moore, January's dress and hair are horrid, Julia Styles should fire whomever suggested that hair/makeup and Nicole is creepy. Thanks for listening.

    1. LOL.....creepy! Giggle. Kiernan is adorable...and a good kid too! :)

    2. Glad you did your list since I missed it all while putting up the latest episode of my webseries....great job.

  2. I didn't watch the show but I'm betting that piece of crap Game Change won some award. Seems like every time Hollywood gets together to pat itself on the back they have to give that thing an award.

    1. Yep. Julianne Moore won for Game Change. This is the last awards show it is eligible for...phew.


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