Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is The Media Helping Women Lose The Morning Talk Show Wars?

If you have listened to either of my appearances on Driving with Gass or Cocktails and Conversation, I have been covering what has been happening in the morning TV talk show wars:  What is happening with Ann Curry and Matt Lauer over at The Today Show, Katie Couric's fill-in gig over at Good Morning, America, and CBS quietly bringing aboard Oprah as a guest to counter-program all of the shenanigans happening at ABC and NBC. Well, the gossip has been flying throughout the media:  Is Ann Curry getting fired?  Is Savannah Guthrie taking over Ann's spot?  Is Robin Roberts mad that Katie took her spot while Roberts was out on vacation?  I had a lengthy discussion about it last week on Cocktails and Conversation which you can listen to here.  Yesterday, I came across an article in The Hollywood Reporter written by Deborah Norville of Inside Edition.  If anyone can make sense of this mess, it's Deborah.  Why?  Well, she lived through it when she replaced Jane Pauley on The Today Show years ago and the same thing happened:  people gossiped and speculated and here's what happened.....

Let me know your thoughts on the article and weigh in on the topic in the comments below or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.  It's time we start supporting each other instead of bashing each other, ladies!  (And yep, that's my Twitter stream from my conversation with Deborah.  Awesome.  I like her even more now.)

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