Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Bump Confirmed: Megan Fox Edition

Well, it looks like we are two-for-two in the Baby Bump Watch of 2012, this is becoming quite a fertile year!  We started off the year with a rumor of Reese Witherspoon possibly being pregnant and now that is officially confirmed.  I had heard a few rumblings earlier in the month that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were expecting their first child. According to E! News, that rumor is true!  So, congratulations go out to the expecting parents. Now millions of male egos are crushed because it was little David Silver from 90210 who knocked up Megan Fox, not them.

Okay, kids, who should be our next Baby Bump Watch for 2012?  I am taking suggestions here, on Twitter, and Facebook.........Jennifer Aniston, anyone?


  1. Megan Fox Pregnant with First Child Official statement, Baby Bump Pictures here


  2. I vote for Angeline Jolie. 

  3. 1 point for Burtt house. you called it

  4. I am on a roll.....Sherri Shepherd on DWTS, Reese pregnant, now Megan pregnant.  Who's next?

  5. I think they will adopt more, but not until the current crop of kids are older. 

  6.  I think the media has had a severe case of "over kill" on Jennifer Anniston for like the past 15 years. (magazine covers) zzZZ I personally think she is to vain to ever get pregnant.

  7. I think they have had her pregnant enough to have 20 kids by now.  I think she will remarry and maybe adopt one day.


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