Monday, February 7, 2011

Oscar Round-Up

With only twenty days until the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, I am furiously gathering dresses, shoes, clutches, and hair styles together so I look somewhat assembled on the big day.  If I am worried about my ensemble, can you imagine being a nominee?  The pressure is on!  Here are some great articles, photos, and news floating around the interwebs to catch up on:

Photo:  Ruven Afanador, Los Angeles Times Magazine

1.  Mila Kunis:  She has looked divine all season long on the red carpet.  It's hard to even believe she is only 5'3" tall because that girl looks downright statuesque in each outfit she adorns.  Check out this fantastic LA Times Magazine article on her and the equally stunning photos by Ruven Afanador.  

Photo:  National Photo Group, People Magazine

2.  Oscar:  Okay, I am not a mama, but don't tell me Natalie Portman is four months along in her pregnancy.  I know a third trimester when I see one. I think we are seeing what I call "Oscar Math". Let's pretend the front runner for the Oscar is only four months along lest the voters do the real math and realize that her fiancĂ© might have overlapped with the ladies.  Yes, it is gossip, but Natalie is not giving birth this summer, it is going to be much sooner than that.  Or, as my friend, Ali, says, "The baby will be 8 lbs. and two months premature."

Photo:  MFL/ for US Weekly

3. Red Carpet Dress Etiquette:  I've taken some heat for my red carpet dress opinions for The Golden Globes and The SAG Awards, but I still stand by what I said.  The Hollywood Reporter wrote a great article about "The Psychology of The Golden Globes Dress".  Also, Giuliana Rancic, host of E! News, runs down what it is like to prep for the red carpet as a TV host.  It isn't as simple as hopping in a gown and showing up to work.  A lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing a dress even for the red carpet presenters.  I hope this gives you some more insight on what I am talking about in my other articles.

Okay, so now it is your turn.  What are your thoughts on Mila Kunis, Natalie's sketchy math, and all of that darn wardrobe etiquette?  Chime in below.  I am on my way to the Nominees Luncheon today, so I will have all of the scoop from inside the pressroom tomorrow.

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