Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Oscars, Day 1

The first day of Oscars Week has officially arrived!  After a 3AM return home from Chicago, I spent the morning trying to cover the dark circles under my eyes to bring you my first video of the week.  It is a quick look into my morning ride to the Renaissance Hotel to pick up my press credentials.  I was giddy putting that piece of plastic around my neck and my picture came out okay. I can definitely live with that photo for the next week.  Before I left, I snapped a few photos for you:  in front of my old stomping ground, The Kodak Theatre, the view of LA from the top of Hollywood and Highland, and a bird's eye view of the bleacher seats on Hollywood Boulevard.  The red carpet doesn't go down until Wednesday, so stayed tuned for further insight later in the week.

Tomorrow, I will bring you highlights from my first event of the week.  The event is promising a one of a kind Black Swan handbag that yet to be determined celeb will promote on the red carpet and the most expensive baby cake ever created and dedicated to Natalie Portman's baby boy.  Only in Hollywood, kids....


  1. Love your curls and your scarf. Exciting stuff!!!!!

  2. You look super cute and SO happy to be there. (I would be ecstatic. I would probably pee my pants with excitement. Only not. That would be gross and not very celeb-like.)
    I firmly believe that you should bring me with you next time so I can make sarcastic comments while you do all of your fancy reporting. We would make quite the team.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Seriously....not a smart way to drive. You can see I was going 0 MPH at one point too.

  4. Thanks! That was accidental fashion...it's a "cold" here in LA....64 degrees.


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