Monday, February 14, 2011

Opening Weekend at the Chicago Auto Show

I have no idea what is going on in this photo, but I love unusual action shots.  This definitely qualifies.

 I know what you are thinking, "Wait, there's no red carpet post about the Grammys!".  Yep, you are correct.  I watch the Grammys from a distance:  I love Barbra Streisand and oh, her prom dress from 1988, I caught a glimpse or two of Eminem's performance, and when they announced Album of the Year, I thought, "Who is that?".  My obsession with the red carpet circles around movies, glamour, and Hollywood.  I am not sure I can wrap my brain around Lady Gaga and her egg.  I need my couture, unless that was a couture egg?

This weekend, I was running around on stage at the Chicago Auto show for our annual visit.  The weekend was packed with guests who are sponsored by or in partnership with Toyota, so it was fun working with radio personalities, soccer players, and snakes.  Here are a few highlights from the weekend:

Hanging with country music radio personality, Ramblin' Ray from US 99.5.  He's a big fan of the Tundra and always a lively guest.

Partners for Clean Air brought a superhero, "Breathe Easy Man"!  I haven't stood next to a man in tights since my dancing days.....

The Shedd Aquarium has also been a repeat visitor to the Toyota Live stage, but this year, they brought animals!  The photos aren't great, but he's holding a snake.  The snake was really cute and I learned that snakes utilize their sense of smell via their tongues.  His tongue was going crazy that day.  I sure hope I smelled good because donning a baseball cap in that outfit sure didn't make it look like I know how to dress.

In the photo below, I am peering at a painted turtle.  He kept swimming with his little legs in the air.  I really wanted to take him home, but I was afraid my kitty would eat the turtle for lunch.

The ladies with the Chicago Fire players, Kwame Watson-Siriboe and Sean Johnson:

One final action shot with the Chicago Fire:

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