Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Oscars, Day 2

Oscar diet?  What Oscar diet?

Today, was a busy day filled with a beauty suite, Oscar wardrobe pickup, and a final stop to my esthetician so my skin looks good on Sunday.  It takes a village to put me together for an event like this.  I cannot tell you how many people I have to thank next Monday from my chiropractor to my stylist to my makeup artist.  It's not an easy task.

The day started at the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills at the Style Hollywood Academy Awards Ultimate Beauty Suite.  This event promised the unveiling of an exclusive handbag created in honor of the Oscar nominated film, Black Swan, and the world's most expensive baby cake by Hansen's Cakes and dedicated to Natalie Portman's new baby.  The bag is set to go down the red carpet with an unnamed celeb on Sunday, not Natalie Portman, and then auctioned off to charity with proceeds going to a ballet foundation and a schizophrenia center.  Remember, Natalie's character suffered from multi-personalities, see all of the connections here?  All of this was presented by the designer, Timmy Woods, two ballet school heads, Kristy Swanson, and jeweler, Amyn.  It was a bit chaotic and a little unfocused when it came to the presentation.

The bag was unveiled, not before Kristy and the two ballet heads almost knocked it off of the table, but it was gorgeous.  All of Timmy's designs are handmade using sustainable woods and delicate beadwork all while being assembled in the United States.  You may recognize her Eiffel Tower purse from Sex and the City, the movie.  Immediately after they presented the purse, they revealed the cake.  Now the cake was a beautifully decorated Hansen's Cake, but that was not what made it so expensive.  It was the topper:  a diamond encrusted baby safety pin and charm created for Natalie's upcoming bundle of joy.  This is where it got a bit awkward.  The beautiful jewelry was tiny, so it was hard to photograph.  The jeweler took it off of the cake, frosting and all, so the photographers could get a closer look.  Because the piece was silver, it was even harder to see in his hand.  Kristy Swanson swooped in and saved the day by holding it against a black background, the wrap she was wearing.  She was a total champ because that poor jeweler was flop sweating through the entire press conference.  Everyone then toasted to Natalie's unborn baby and her Oscar nomination in absentia.  Hooray!  Kids, you just can't manufacture moments like this.

Interviewing the super cool, Kristy Swanson.

I'll post the video of our Day 1, Behind the Red Carpet for Mingle Media TV here once it is ready, but I wanted to give you the backstory on the morning.  It will give you even more insight once you see me interview Kristy Swanson who is funny, pretty, and definitely someone with a great sense of humor.

Did you miss all of yesterday's Oscar fun?  Click here.

All photos courtesy of Mingle Media TV.


  1. Red Carpet and Backstage Interview Room. Not attending as a guest, but I did in 2007. :)


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