Friday, February 10, 2012


I don't know about you, but I am not that good at doing my makeup.  I try to imitate all of the makeup artists that do my face for camera, but alas, they are the artist and I am lucky to get my eyeshadow blended.  Well, I cannot tell you how excited I was to be invited by Laura Tremaine of Hollywood Housewife to experience a new way to have your makeup done.  Blushington is a new hot spot on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood to get your makeup done for that big event:  birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eve, etc, all for $35.  You get the affordability plus the artistry and no pressure to buy products like you do at the department store makeup counter.  If you do like the products they use:  Stila, Kevin Aucoin, and Julie Hewett, they are are available for purchase.  They also offer everything from classes to parties to makeup for the under-10 set for that budding fashionista.  So, be sure to check them out the next time you need to put your best face forward and don't forget you can get a blow out at Dry Bar next door beforehand.  Genius, right? 

Not my favorite photo, but here's my no makeup look beforehand.....

Me and Emily Button after....phew, it's a way better look for me.

 Chatting it up at Blushington.  Photo courtesy of Laura Tremaine.

 Me and the lovely Laura Tremaine of Hollywood Housewife. Now, go read her awesome blog!

Photo bombing as usual while Emily gets her makeup done.  Yes, I am still using my Godspell iPhone case.

The most delicious way to serve champagne.

Me and Emily post-makeover.  I have had a lot of inquiries on my necklace, so head over to Jessica Matrasko for all of the details. Dress is DVF. Photo courtesy of Laura Tremaine.

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