Monday, February 20, 2012

Oscars Week: Day 1

It's the last year as the Kodak Theatre.  I wonder what the name will be next year?

It feels like Christmas to me and I am bouncing off of the walls.  I picked up my credentials today and received my official badge that will get me on the red carpet and in the press room on Sunday. Now, please don't ask to see a photo of my badge.  I can't do it.  Find out why and what to look for in today's edition of Behind the Red Carpet....

The day was filled with scoop as I sat to get my hair done. I cannot tell you where or who I sat near lest I break the sacred hair salon code, but oh boy, this person has their choice of Monique Lhuillier dress or Badgley Mischka for Sunday's activities and I cannot wait to see them on the red carpet.

Also, I think the producers are misleading us about not highlighting either of the two Best Original Song nominees....or they are featuring music in some way during the show.  I saw a group today that involves music roaming around Hollywood and Highland.  Mark my words.....we will hear some singing come Sunday night.  (And that is exclusive scoop.  If you look around, I named the group somewhere......did you find it yet?)

Now watch my one minute video and let me know what you are most excited about this week!


  1. So exciting!  And your hair looks unreal good!

  2. That is a good picture. All that is missing is some twirling and maybe a hat toss. :) 

    Also, what is "Behind the Red Carpet"? Also, I heard  Cirque du Soleil (didn't even have to look up the spelling) is performing, so that should be fun. Maybe they will put George Cloney on the high-wire.

  3. LOL....look at the video title:  "Behind the Red Carpet".  :)  It's the video series we do for Oscars every year.

  4. Thank you!  My hair is done by Lisa Cavalone at Lukaro in Beverly Hills.  She's amazing!

  5.  Red Carpet Closet, Behind the Red Carpet, Red Carpet Confessions, Red Carpet Diva... you really have your carpet covered!

    You should have your agent pitch you to Nation-wide carpet as their spokesperson.

    "Hi, I'm Kristyn Burtt and I know a think or two about carpet!"

    It's genus I tell ya, pure genus!

  6. This is nice, like it! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

  7. I've got to corner the market on that.  Good idea!


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