Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Does the Oscars Red Carpet Really Look Like?

The express lane in the center of the red carpet.

This might be one of my favorite videos this year because we decided to give you a full walk through the red carpet.  Did you ever wonder how long that red carpet was?  Well, it's 500 feet filled with media, cameras, and reporters all waiting to interview the celebrities. Did you know there was an express lane on the red carpet due to the crowds and traffic jams?  That express lane leads right to Tim Gunn's spot for the ABC show. So, come join me on the walk from arrivals tent to the grand staircase up to the theatre.  It's a long way in five inch heels. (And I was wearing my super tall Jessica Simpson shoes that day.)  Take a look and let me know what surprised you the most on that red carpet walk:


  1. Always enjoy your behind the scenes takes.

  2. Thanks.  I thought this one is a view we don't often see.......


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