Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emmys Viewing Party: Dress Details

These are always some of my most popular articles on my site, the "who are you wearing" posts.  Well, here are all of the details for my outfit from the Emmy Awards 100 Stars Night Out Viewing Party:

Dress:  Gifted by Deborah Viereck.  You have seen me wear a lot of her dresses here and here.  They are so comfortable to wear and I have one striped dress that I wear over and over again. Another good thing to know is that the clothes are created right here in LA.

Shoes:  Bandolino, Spring 2003 collection

Belt, Ring, Earrings:  Roni B

Bracelets:  Target

Stylist:  Roni B.

Makeup:  Carolina Groppa

Carolina and Roni helped coordinate my look for the Oscars last February, so you know I trust them implicitly with all of my red carpet looks.  I told Carolina I am moving her into my house because I want to look like this every day. (See photo below.)


  1. this look is AMAZING!!! so chic and stylish - and the gold accents are so classy!  work it girl!! xoxo

  2. That is a great dress and you do look amazing in green. I've probably said that before, but it is still true. From the one picture it looks like it has a scoop front so that it is higher on the sides, which is a nice way to show a little more leg withoug being too short.

    Also, you could throw on a pair of jeans under it for a more casual look. which makes it really versitale.

    Oh, and kudoos for mentioning your jewelery was from Target. You could have mentioned a boutique and no one would have been the wiser. ^_^

  3. Thanks, Becca!  Deborah Viereck's dresses always look good with jeans underneath, so that's a great suggestion.  I love having color on the red carpet, so that green that Deborah sent me was perfect.  And yes.....Target has some awesome costume jewelry.  I love to go for the affordable.  :)

  4. Thanks, Marisa!  That was all Roni B's idea to accent it with gold. 


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