Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Top 3 Travel Tips

It's no secret that I travel a lot for work.  Two weeks to a month on the road are not uncommon for me, so it's always important for me to be comfortable when I am away from home.  On my recent trip to Paris, I realized I needed to amend some of my U.S. travel rules.  Here's what I learned:

1.  Luggage:  Take your big suitcase and put it back in the closet.  If you are going to Europe, chances are you will be taking a lot of public transportation.  It is easier to drag around a medium to small-sized suitcase versus your big, oversized American suitcase.  If you wind up buying lots of gifts and go overboard on the shopping, then you can buy an extra bag for the trip home.  I wish I had my medium suitcase after lugging my big suitcase through the umpteenth train turnstile.  I always like a gym workout, but not with my suitcase as my dead weight.

Yes, there will be a shoe post coming soon. I bought 3 pairs in Paris and these are the beautiful Repetto shoes I coveted. 

2.  Shoes:  Unless you are going on a 5-star vacation, leave your Carrie Bradshaw heels at home.  Pack your flats and your sneakers and get ready to hike around the city.  Don't decide to break in your new shoes on the trip, you will regret it later.  In fact, my flats didn't even make it home from Paris.  They were so worn out by the end of the trip that I threw them out.  I left my flip flops in China in 2005 and my sneakers in Costa Rica in 2009, it's a good way to make room in your suitcase for the trip home.

3.  Sleep:  My trip essentials always include my sleep mask, a travel blanket, and ear plugs for a restful sleep.  I travel way too much and I find it is easier to make it dark, quiet, and cozy with these three items.  I don't need to go into the germ factor about hotel blankets, so bring your own.  It's small and easy to use at the hotel and on the plane.  The best eye masks and blankets are made by Nap and are available at any Brookstone store. (According to a Sherman Oaks Brookstone employee, they are discontinuing this line. Be sure to stock up while you can!)  My earplugs were purchased in a value pack from CVS.  If I lose a set, there is always a back up available.  Some hotels have thin walls, so you will appreciate a little soundproofing from time to time.

Those are my top 3 travel tips from my recent jaunt to Paris.  I did really well with Tips #2 and #3, but failed miserably with Tip #1.   Do you have any good travel tips to add?  Share them with me in the comments below:


  1. I thought for a brief moment you had a very artful shoe closet.  I like the bring your own blanket tip.

  2. Yes, Brookstone is your store for all travel blanket needs!

  3. Above presents travel tips watch for really wonderful. We are access that source travel information catch from here! I have like this site.

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  5. These tips are great for a ladies. I think a lady can never forgot taking these along with them. Besides all these earplugs are very important to take along with you while traveling.


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