Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My New York

I started the day with this view.  I knew it was going to be a GREAT day.  

I walked the streets a little longer last night even though I should have been in my hotel room resting for my shoot today, but I wanted a little more time to reflect on the city I consider home.  It's no secret that I love NY, but it's been such a great journey for me:  seeing where I started in NY and where I am in NY now.  It reminds me of one of my favorite songs from Sondheim's show, Merrily We Roll Along called "Our Time".  This section of the lyric still sticks with me:

"Years from now,
We'll remember and we'll come back,
Buy the rooftop and hang a plaque:
This is where we began,
Being what we can."

These lyrics resonated with me all day as I had the wonderful opportunity to rehearse for a great project that I am shooting today, watch two longtime friends make their dreams come true with the Broadway show, Godspell, and then meet with the entertainment editor of iVillage.(I have been fortunate to do a few press junkets with them and I look forward to more!)

Now for my fellow musical theatre geeks, here are a few photos from today's incredible invited press rehearsal for Godspell.  If you would like to see some of the video footage, head to Broadway World (A prize to the first person who spots me in the video. Tell me where I am sitting in the comments below.) and be sure to read Producer Ken Davenport's blog on today's event.

 Director, Daniel Goldstein, and Choreographer, Christopher Gattelli.

 The cast!

 Hunter Parrish being interviewed by NBC.

 Ana Maria Perez de Tagle from Hannah Montana is in the cast too.  I last interviewed her here during the Kids' Choice Awards week.

Hello! It's Stephen Schwartz.  Wow!


  1. Ok, I love the rehearsal process so checked out the video + you are sitting behind the photographer in the black shirt, more aware than the rest of them that a camera is on you ; )  Sounds like a great NY visit; I have to take one of those to Chicago myself.

  2. That is me!  It was a great trip.  You just missed out on the prize pack by about an hour....darn!  Someone posted on FB first.  Thanks for RT-ing this post.  I appreciate it!


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