Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catching Up

You know I can always be found around the cupcake tray.

I am almost finished with my jet lag.  Almost.  It's just that I had to dive right into a job after coming back from Paris and there just wasn't much time to sleep  So here's to a bit more consistency this week!  Here are a few things I've been up to:

1.  Glimmer Body Art:  Many thanks to my friends over at Glimmer Body Art for posting my photo in their press section.  If you are looking for the perfect affordable gift for any gal, any age, this is it.  Their glimmer tattoo kit is the best in the industry.  

2.  Rhythm Rocker:  I turned on my hotel TV this week to see my infomercial running.  No matter how long I work in the industry, seeing my face on TV is just plain weird.  I snapped a couple of shots from my iPhone, but you can see the full infomercial here.

3.  iVillage:  In several of the junkets I have done this year for iVillage, we asked celebs to talk about their most embarrassing back-to-school memories.  My interviews with Jeremy Piven and Jessica Alba made the cut.  Take a look at the video here.  

I will try and write a bit more about my trip to Paris and be sure to check up on my latest news so you know what I'm shooting next!

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