Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parting Shots: NYC

Seriously, I don't think there could have been a better hotel room view for me.

I've moved on to location number two and while I am not home, I am happy to be parked in one place for a month. I just finished a 30-day run that involved 8 different planes.  Now, if you have followed my blog the last few years, you know exactly where I am right now.  I'll let you guess in the comments section below.  If you don't want to guess, that's okay because I am about to bombard you with images from my location. Otherwise, here are some final images of my short, but always sweet, time in NY. (I'll be back to NY in 5 weeks, so don't feel sorry for me.)

 It was awesome to walk out of my hotel and see the ad on a phone booth.  If you missed the Godspell rehearsal photos, click here.  

 I always sneak in a trip to Magnolia Bakery.  

 If you have not visited Chelsea Market, make sure to add this to your list for your next visit.  The interior architecture is worth a quick tour through.  

 The Met Opera broadcast their opening night in Times Square. Here's a scene from Anna Bolena

 So many people gathered to watch, it was inspiring to see the crowd out in full force for some real culture.

I know I've been rather secretive about what I was shooting in NY.  I signed an NDA across all social media platforms until the infomerical is launched.  However, you can see my official FB page to see who I worked with. We shot in the old Maury studios.  I figured the studios were haunted with DNA tests and lost baby daddies.

Last shot of me in NY just after I left the set.  It was a very satisfying trip.  I'm sad to leave, but happy to be returning soon....

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