Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chevy Chase: The Photo Series

I know I shared one photo with you from the Camry Live launch at Paramount Studios when Chevy Chase crashed the set, but I am going to post the entire series now.  One of the attendees from the event, Eric, sent me a whole series of photos last night.  His dad is an automotive journalist and he got to come along for the ride for our big Camry event.  Nice dad, right?  The photos are too hilarious not to throw out there.  It shows you how spontaneous the visit was and how shocked we looked at certain points.  I'm off to Northern California for another Live Connect shoot this week and while I am looking forward it, I doubt it will have the glitz and the glam of the Paramount shoot.  Like they say, "Only in Hollywood, kids, only in Hollywood."  A big thanks to Eric for the photos!

 I'm so shy!

 I look very bossy in this photo....oh wait, I am kind of bossy.  ;)

Photos are not to be reprinted without my permission.

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