Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are We Really Doing The Gold Trend, Ladies?

Lately, I've noticed a trend in Hollywood and no, it's not a baby bump, it's the gold engagement ring.  For the last two decades, the platinum (or white gold) cushion-cut diamond ring in robin egg blue Tiffany box has been the ultimate standard for engagements.  Yet take a look at the rings recently given to two Hollywood gals under the age of bands and a very non-traditional style.  Has the tide finally turned? Are we doing the gold trend now in engagement rings?  Let's take a closer look at Miley Cyrus and Diana DeGarmo's engagement rings and Tori Spelling's anniversary ring.........

Miley's Ring:
Designer:  Neil Lane
Carats:  3.5
Cut:  Cushion
Band:  18K Gold
Motif:  Art Nouveau
Diamond dates back to 1880 or 1890.
Fiancé:  Liam Hemsworth (Thor's Brother!)

Diana's Ring:
Designer:  David Webb
Carats:  1 for center stone, .2 for side stones
Band:  18K Gold and Platinum  (prongs holding stones)
Motif:  Sunflower, her favorite flower.
Ace designed this ring for Diana.
Fiancé:  Ace Young

Tori's Ring:  
Designer:  Neil Lane
Stones:  6 Coral Cabochon Stones
Band:  Gold Bezel with Filigree Work
Motif:  1950's Antique
This is a 6th anniversary ring.  Tori gets a new ring each year on their anniversary date. (Way to go, Tori!)
Husband:  Dean McDermott

What do you think of the gold trend?  While I am a huge fan of Tori's ring, I think I still prefer the platinum look.  Miley's ring is very elegant, but just not my style while Diana's is definitely a personal taste issue.  I want to hear what you have to say!  Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.    

Hello, Idaho! I will be appearing on NewsTalk 690 with Tim Lewis tomorrow morning at 7:35AM PT/10:25AM ET.  You can listen in LIVE here.  We will be talking about the summer box office and I will give you the inside scoop on my interviews with the Rock of Ages cast.  Tim interviewed me during Oscar season and it was one of my favorite interviews during that crazy month.  


  1. Generally, I prefer emeralds to diamonds (which ironically makes it sound like I often choose between the two), but I like the classic feel of the Cyrus ring.

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