Friday, June 1, 2012

The Friday Five: June 1st

Every time I have doubts about my retirement from the road, I wind up having a week like this:  crazy, busy, and right in the mix of entertainment news.  Ah, the universe always has a way of keeping you on your intended path.  Here's my Friday Five for this week:

Photo courtesy of Gennefer Gross

1.  I Just Want My Pants Back:  This was a fun night.  I talked earlier this week about the efforts to save the MTV show and hopefully, the cast will find a new home.  We had so much fun talking about the show and the antics on set.  If you missed the live stream, you can find the rebroadcast here or below.  A big thanks to Gennefer Gross, the Streamin Garage crew, and my publicist, Melanie Marquez, for all of their efforts.

Hamming it up on the red carpet.

2.  Gracie Awards: I don't think there is any other event in Los Angeles that manages to gather such an impressive list of women in the media each and every year.  I was so excited to bring my niece to the event because there were a lot of wonderful role models on the red carpet that night.  Here is one of my favorite interviews from the evening with 2-time Oscar winner, Sally Field.  The woman is ballsy and she speaks her mind.  That is awesome. (Also, a big shout out to Valerie Blackburn, Chair of the Alliance of Women in Media and Market Controller for CBS Radio, for even knowing who I am and for the lovely compliment on my work. The interview is here.)

3.  Chris Hemsworth:  Need I say more? Here is my interview with him for Snow White and the Huntsman.  The feed on my end wasn't very good quality, but I was the one asking the questions on the other end for iVillage.  He and his wife had their first child less than 24 hours before, so there was a lot of good scoop in this interview.  Next up for me is the press junket for Rock of Ages this weekend and you know how excited I am about that movie!  You can read the accompanying article by my iVillage colleague, Ali Gray, here.

4.  Squaresville:  About a year and a half ago, I filmed a small cameo in a new web series called Squaresville awesome nerdy girls just trying to fit in.  I posted about the shoot and again when the production was in fundraising mode.  Well, the show is up and running and definitely worth a look.  See their first episode here.

5.  Charles Winston:  I always like to feature one fashion or accessory in my Friday Five and this week is no different.  At the 84th Annual Academy Awards, I was lucky enough to wear the jewelry of Charles Winston.  This year, he gifted me with the ring I wore on the red carpet.  I wanted to showcase it because it is the perfect complementary piece to the earrings I received from him last year.  I'm a lucky girl.  Thanks, Charles! Visit his site here for more gorgeous pieces from his collection.

I also met a new Aussie friend yesterday, Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit.  She had a few questions about dressing for the red carpet, so I think I am inspired to do a post about it soon.  Here is her article and the incredible Disney event she will be attending.  

Also, I have my monthly appearance with my Cocktails and Conversation gals tomorrow morning at 5AM PT/8AM ET.  I know it is early for my West Coast pals, but , East Coast, join us here.  I will post the rebroadcast later in the day.  We will be discussing 50 Shades of Grey (oh boy!), my visit to the Good Luck, Charlie set, and the inside scoop on my Chris Hemsworth interview.  

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Have a great weekend!


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