Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disney Channel's 'Let It Shine' Premiere

On Tuesday night, I covered the red carpet for the premiere of Disney Channel's new original movie, Let It Shine.  The film stars Coco Jones, Tyler James Williams, and Trevor Jackson and it focuses on the message of staying true to yourself and following your dreams.  You are in for a treat as this film has a powerhouse cast with loads of talent.  Mark your calendars for the June 15th premiere on the Disney Channel.  Now, sit back and enjoy the photos and video interviews from the night....

This girl is a star: Coco Jones

 Ariel Winter of Modern Family is becoming one of my favorite young actresses to interview.  We saw her last at the Gracie Awards being her usual fashionable self.  

 Did you know I worked with Booboo and Fivel Stewart back in 2006 on a series called Blue Dolphin Kids?  Take a look, they were both so little. 

 The entire Simpson Family dressed in black and white in support of sister, Alli's, big hosting debut with Radio Disney.  It was nice to catch up with Cody since I haven't seen him since he mentored the N.B.T. semi-finalists last August.

 Zendaya looked beautiful in her orange dress on the red carpet. (She looks like she's ready to claw someone though....giggle.)  

 Oh, my niece loves Bradley Steven Perry from Good Luck, Charlie.  She got a shout out from him that I sent off to her yesterday. 

 Adam Irigoyen from Shake It Up had a fun little rivalry with Bradley Steven Perry going on during the premiere.  See the interview here

 One of my favorite Disney stars, Olivia Holt, from Kickin' It.  She is so sweet and lovely. Next to her is Kerris Dorsey from Moneyball.  If you haven't seen this film, add it to your Netflix queue now.  

To see more videos from the Let It Shine premiere from other Disney Channel stars like Zendaya, Alli Simpson, Trevor Jackson, and more, click here.  

As a reminder, these are all of my personal photos.  You are welcome to use them, but please give credit and link back to Red Carpet Closet.  Thank you!


  1. Coco Jones has the sort of energy + enthusiasm that just makes a person smile.  Looking forward to seeing Let It Shine tomorrow.  The music videos I've seen have been good.

  2. Coco Jones is pretty talented.  I think it's the best musical Disney has put together since the High School Musical series.  The cast was impressive, both leads did a convincing job acting + singing and the songs really tied into the story.  There was a moment where I thought something innovative was going to happen and they were going to switch up the plot a bit, but no.  So very entertaining but too many conflicts for the hero to convincingly resolve them all in the time alloted.  

    Short form: casting excellent; music good; conflict with Dad good; conflict of best friend and girl triangle good if predictable; conflict with egomaniac rapper, a bit too much; best friend and girl individual journeys to authentic versions of selves, I wouldn't have minded spending more time with either of those story threads or actors but the writers had other plans. Nice use of the basic thread of the Cyrano story to spin a solid movie.


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