Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekend Web Watch: Streamys Edition

Here we are again with another Weekend Web Watch, Streamys Edition and we have a little over a week to go until the big event and about 5 days until the Craft Awards.  I decided to go way back into the archives to Episode 2 of The Web Files with the cast of The Crew.  Some of my favorite people star in this Babelgum web series and I have mentioned over and over how grateful I am to Brett Register because he said "yes" to an interview way before The Web Files even existed.  It was also's support of The Crew that got The Web Files featured on the home page of Blip.  A truly fortuitous partnership that we have treasured ever since. For those following the Craig Frank episodes, this was his first appearance ever on The Web Files.  Little did we know, there were many, many more appearances in his future.

So, take a look at one of our earliest episodes which we shot at the Hollywood Wax Museum and be sure to visit our behind the scenes on the making of this episode.  Congratulations to Streamy Nominees  Jeff Bell, Zack Finfrock, and Brett Register for The Crew for Best Visual Effects in a Web Series. Good luck on Wednesday!

Episode: The Crew
Blog:  Behind the Scenes

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