Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Web TV Week: The Bannen Way

It's Day 2 of Web TV Week and today is The Bannen Way day here at The Web Files.  We shot this interview at the beginning of 2010 just as their series was launching and in the middle of the Streamys nomination controversy.  To look back on it now, four months later, is pretty interesting.  Some controversy may still linger, but I don't think it is aimed at The Bannen Way.  The frustration is aimed at the Streamys rules which I am sure will be modified over time.  The Bannen Way proved to be an internet and a Streamys success.  The show has also become a great calling card for editor, Zack Arnold, who is now working on USA Network's, Burn Notice.  Here are the nominations for The Bannen Way:

Best Drama Web Series
Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series:  Mark Gantt
Best New Web Series
Best Editing in a Web Series:  Zack Arnold
Best Directing for a Drama Web Series:  Jesse Warren
Best Writing for a Drama Web Series:  Mark Gantt, Jesse Warren
Best Product Integration in a Web Series:  Jaguar

Now, check out The Web Files interview with Mark and Jesse: The Bannen Way

Behind the Scenes blog: Behind the Scenes of The Bannen Way.

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