Monday, April 12, 2010

The Streamys: I Lost, But I Won

After a long, hectic month, it's all over.  Back to back to back jobs on the East Coast and The Streamy Awards blurred by.  I tried to take it all in, but I think I was running solely on adrenaline.  How did I do?  Well, I lost in my category for Best Web Series Host, but I was thrilled at who did win, Zadi Diaz.  My admiration of her work has been spouted a few times by me (Behind the scenes of Epic Fu) and I told her again on the red carpet last night.  I think it is important for women to support each other in their field and Zadi is out there and creating solid content for the web. So, when her name was called, I was happy.

So, yes, I lost, but I won in so many other ways:

1.  I was so thrilled to be co-hosting the live feed of the red carpet for Ustream with Mark Malkoff and Cyndee San Luis. It was an honor to be asked and I felt totally in my element last night. I could not have survived without the amazing talents of Jenn Bobiwash who kept it all together for me (including manning my iPhone texts so my boyfriend could find me.) and Ken Burden who made sure every shot was perfect for the show.  I had fun interviewing everyone and I hope you had fun watching the feed.

2.  I loved what I was wearing and how my hair and makeup looked, so I felt like "me" all night.  I wasn't fussing over my dress or tugging at my hair.  That is all due to the amazing contributions of my stylist, Katelin Flanegin, and my makeup artist, Melissa Anchondo. They understand my personality and they know what makes me feel good.  I appreciate their talents and contributions to make me look WAY better than I look in real life.

3.  I have been away from home for a long time:  130 days, 14 cities, and a challenging year for the company I represent .  My boyfriend took care of the renovations of the condo, the animals, and the day-to-day chores at home.  Last night was the first night I got a chance to spend time with him, get all dressed up, eat In-N-Out burgers, and hang out on the couch with our little family when it was all over. It was a GREAT night.

4.  One of the most exciting moments of the night?  Watching Rachael Hip-Flores of Anyone But Me win for Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series.  She was sitting behind me, so I saw the emotion and excitement on her face up close.  It was worth the price of admission.  A few "Oh my God, seriously, and reallys?" were heard from Rachael as the writers from the series, Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, raced down the aisle with congratulatory hugs. It was so genuine and thrilling to watch because I don't think she expected to win at all.  That's what the Streamys should be about.

4.  The support from family, old friends, co-workers, new friends, Twitter friends, etc, was tremendous.  I appreciate you and all of the messages, it helped get me through the long month on the road.

5.  Finally, to Sandra and Perry Payne who helped produce the red carpet last night. Without them, there is no Web Files and there certainly is no nomination for Best Web Series Host.  I cannot thank them enough.

So, while I may not have walked out The Orpheum Theatre a winner on paper, I was a winner in so many other ways last night.

Photo courtesy of The Bui Brothers.


  1. Very nice...hope you get to do some of your favorite things, rest + enjoy a few more family cheeseburgers. Thanks for putting so much energy into sharing your experiences. You make it a win for everyone.

  2. I always love your write-ups, but am particularly touched by this one. Thank you so much for your kind words! You're a class act, and such a talented, hard-working host! You definitely deserved the nomination for Best Web Series Host -- Perry and I are so proud of you and glad to be partnered with you on The Web.Files. That said, we, too, are happy for Zadi's win. It's wonderful to see talented women tearing it up out there on the web! (-:

  3. Both Zadi and you do a great job. Your show is a win so you don't need an "award" to be a winner. You are a winner because of what you do and how well you do it. Keep it up!

    While we are on the topic of winners there is a new generation on the move. Check out this if you want to know more:

    ...but I am convinced that out of this generation we are going to see some very exciting things on the web in the next few years.

  4. That's exactly what I'd expect Rachael Hip-Flores' reaction to be. She is completely oblivious to just how wonderful she truly is. Thank you for this.

  5. Zadi is out of the country or I'm sure she'd chime in here. Kristyn, you're a class act and with your work ethic and talent I'm sure many awards will be stamped with your name. You and the Web Files team are great people and we're glad we got to know you guys!

  6. Kristyn, it was so great to see you at the event. Like Steve said, you're truly a class act and have already won in my book. I'm really happy to have met you and will continue to root for you and the Web Files team. We're all in this together! See you soon! xo

  7. Thank you, Zadi and Steve, for stopping by and for your beyond kind words. xo kb


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