Monday, April 5, 2010

Web TV Week: Elevator

Welcome to Web TV Week!  I know many of you are heading to the West Coast to enjoy all of the festivities leading up to the Streamy Awards on Sunday, April 11th.  I will be joining all of you at the last minute, just in time for the red carpet.  Since I am missing the week in LA, I am going to bring a featured episode from The Web Files from afar, consider it an extension of our Weekend Web Watch Streamys Edition.

Today, I bring a series that is up for Audience Choice Award and created by a fellow Bostonian, Woody Tondorf.  This is the one category that you can still vote for, so head on over and give some love to Elevator: The Streamys Audience Choice Award.

Good luck at the Streamys!

Episode:  Elevator

Behind the Scenes Blog: Elevator


  1. Kristyn, you are a delight. I brought you a Dunkin' medium regular on the flight, but I unconsciously drank it. I regret nothing.

  2. Thanks, Woody. You better arrive on Sunday with a Dunkin' in hand if you know what is good for you.................


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