Friday, April 9, 2010

Web TV Week: A Comicbook Orange

The week is moving by so quickly with only two days left before the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards.  So, we've touched upon some great categories, but it's time to feature one of the Best Hosted Web Series nominees, A Comicbook Orange.  The Web Files sat down with Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon earlier in the year.  Like Epic Fu, the creators of A Comicbook Orange have had a unique and ambitious journey and it is fantastic to see where they have landed in Season 5.  So, go back to our Web Files interview with A Comicbook Orange, and let's see what happens on SundayClicker gave them some pretty good odds in their category:

Episode: A Comicbook Orange

Behind the Scenes Blog: A Comicbook Orange

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