Monday, September 28, 2009

Dallas: Day 4

Okay, we are at Day 4 of 25 and I am covered in layers of SPF 70, bug spray, and dirt! So, I am taking the best showers ever while I am here in Dallas. Each morning, I hop the Green Line on the DART and find myself surrounded by robots. Robots? Have they taken over the city? Someone must explain this to me and please explain why the robots have little bird friends. This robot is holding his little bird friend:

The fountains at the entrance of the State Fair of Texas reminds me of Disney....or Vegas. I haven't seen the light show yet, but it happens every night at 8 PM as I run out of the gates to catch the DART.

What's a fair without agriculture and a few carved pumpkins? These are pretty amazing and labor intensive. Last year, my pumpkin consisted of two triangles for eyes and a crooked half moon for a mouth. I guess they won't need my talents for this booth.

I showed you Big Tex from the front. Here's his butt. It's BIG!

This is how I know it is 3:40 PM every day. The Marine band marches by with military precision. I also know I am halfway through my shift.

Yes, everything really is fried at the fair. Fried grilled cheese.......

Fried Peaches and Cream.......

People line up like they selling the lastest iPhone at the Apple store. They wait and wait for fried, greasy, deliciousness.....

And then they hop the tram because they are too full to walk.....

At the end of the day, it's all about the glass of wine, cookies, and a glass of chocolate milk to wash down all of the fried food congealed in your arteries.

I still haven't tried the hit of the fair: Fried Butter! Stay tuned for more pictures. If you missed the first in the series, click here:
Dallas: Opening Day

Part 5: Part 5.


  1. cool looking robot...

  2. The robots and their little bird friends are amazing. I haven't figured out why they are there or how the idea came about. I will keep you posted.


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