Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Week in Review

To say this week was busy was an understatement. On Sunday, I was in Atlanta with LG Electronics doing presentations on their new LED/LCD screens for CEDIA. This is the second time I have worked for them this year and they truly are an amazing company. Keep your eye on them, they are a force to be reckoned with in the electronics industry.
Monday it was back to LA for an interview for The Web Files with the creators of Showbizzle, Charles and Lindsey Rosin. If you think the name Charles Rosin sounds familiar, you are correct. He was the Executive Producer and Show Runner for the original 90210 during the Brenda years. As a 90210 fan, it really was a treat for me!

Tuesday had me off to Vegas for a super secret event with a major corporation. No photos were allowed to be taken, but it was a fun night at The Venetian and I loved my beautiful suite with the sunken living room and 3 LCD screens.
Wednesday, I was back in LA and on the set with The Web Files crew for a Dirty Bomb Diaries shoot. The location that EP, Sandra Payne, found was genius: Emergency Disaster Systems in the City of Industry for a web series about a dirty bomb going off in the city of Los Angeles. We had a lot of fun with the hard hats, masks, and first aid kits, so you should expect to see me all geared out in the episode.
By the time we hit Thursday, I was running on fumes, but I rallied because our final interview of the week was with the man behind the tinted glasses, Tim Street. We shared a drink and had a chat about the web industry 10 years ago and today. I think this episode will be very beneficial to the web series creators out there, so stay tuned!

After The Web Files shoot, I ran over to the Dance Channel TV studios to film the biweekly "Can't Miss List". This week brought a Patrick Swayze tribute, the typical DWTS PR stunt of the week, Fame, and the rumor that the GAP dance ads are back! Check out Episode 7 below:

Okay, that's the week in review! Next week brings another Web Files interview with the cast of the upcoming web series, Compulsions, and a job in The Lone Star State. Yee Haw!

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