Thursday, September 17, 2009

Behind the Scenes of eGuiders

Phew, so behind on my blog because of my travels with other host gigs. I will update you on those later because it is time we feature this week's guest, Marc Ostrick, of eGuiders. I was thrilled to interview Marc, not only because of his savvy web series work with 24, John from Cincinnati, and eGuiders, but because he is a fellow NYU/TSOA grad. Since we graduated around the same time and only oh, say two or three years ago, we had a lot to share about our time in the Big Apple. So, if you hear a lot of "Go, Violets!" noise on Twitter this week, you can blame us, but please blame NYU for choosing the wimpiest mascot ever.

This was the end of a long, hot week of shooting before the Labor Day weekend. We decided on a simple Barbara Walters-type of sit-down interview and while I didn't make him cry, he did threaten a Cruise couch jump. Fortunately, I didn't go all Mike Wallace on him and he avoided any Cruise PR moves. Seriously though, it is important to understand that Marc has worked in the web industry way before many of us thought it was a viable place to watch series and content. His work on 24: Conspiracy was one of the leaders in paving the way for what eGuiders calls "TV Web Extensions". While the 24: Conspiracy content was created for Verizon's VCast for mobile phones, I doubt we would be seeing extensions of Entourage, The Office, or Ugly Betty today without the pioneers of the mobisodes from a few years back. These shows create an even larger universe for fans to explore and it allows the writers to breathe more life into the supporting characters. What I find most impressive though is that Marc and I went to college during a time when computers were used for word processing only. So, computers were not a part of our daily life, but he has created a fascinating and pioneering career with creative content on the web.

What really appeals to me about eGuiders is that it cuts through all of the clutter on the internet. It gives us a one-stop shopping place to find new web series, viral videos, and learn from industry experts. With Core eGuiders like Tim Street, Gennefer Snowfield, and Jeremy Redleaf and Guest eGuiders like one of my favorites, Hayden Black, you are sure to watch some hilarious and informative videos they have selected as their Pick of the Day. So, make sure to bookmark this site because Marc has been ahead of the game with internet content every step of the way. So, is eGuiders the next TV Guide? I am putting my money on it.

If you haven't watched the episode yet, check it out here: eGuiders Episode
We have had a lot of comments and feedback about this episode and Marc's comment about "humanizing the internet", so make sure to let us know what you think.

And Marc kindly wrote his feedback on the episode here: eGuiders Exclusive.

If you missed the eGuiders episode, you can find it here: eGuiders.

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