Monday, September 7, 2009

The Web Files Weekly Update

Hanging with Hayden before the interview......

A very Barbra Walters set-up. Did I make Marc cry? Find out soon.......

Shhh....What's behind the Psychic Bunny door? You'll find out on Wednesday!

he Web Files team was incredibly busy with interviews with some top web movers and shakers. Part of the reason for the craziness is my travel schedule....Atlanta, Vegas, and Dallas all in the next 5 weeks. Phew! We want to make sure we continue to bring new episodes to you each Wednesday, so we are banking a few interviews in The Web Files vault.

The week started out with the Psychic Bunny crew on the eve of their web series launch for Coma, Period on It was a hot day, but it was even hotter two days later with the cast of The Cabonauts. Hayden Black hosted us in the secret location of Salford Studios where The Cabonauts was filmed. I sat in the cab, so I feel kind of like the cool kid for being allowed to do that. Finally, Friday brought us to the world headquarters of eGuiders with Co-Founder, Marc Ostrick, a fellow NYU grad. Go Violets! We are taking this week off from shooting, but we will come back with a vengeance the following week with Showbizzle, Dirty Bomb Diaries, This Week in YouTube, and Compulsions. Exciting line-up, right?

In other news, we have had a terrific response to this week's episode including write-ups from Mathieas McNaughton over at LG15 Today and Michelle Denise Norton from Lonelypond. Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it!

Only two more days before we show you a behind the scenes look at the offices of Psychic Bunny, so catch up with The Web Files and Episode 9 and then head on over to MYMHM with Juan, Lee, and me as we discuss one of my favorite Oscar-winning performances, Joan Crawford as Mildred Pierce. See their show here: MYMHM. Happy viewing, we will see all of you on Wednesday!

The Web Files interview: Episode 9

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  1. That was a great interview. Can't wait to seen it all put together! Thanks for not going all Mike Wallace on me!


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