Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Web Files in the News.......

I love featuring new and veteran shows for The Web Files because I know how important it is to get the word in the cluttered interwebs. Happily, I know we heard from viewers that they have discovered new shows and websites because of the content we are presenting. So, it is always nice when the tables are turned and we are featured. Here are two articles that recently talked about The Web Files:

1. Mathieas McNaughton is doing a great service to all web series with interviews, articles, scoop, and previews of upcoming shows with his blog, LG15 Today. You will find highlights of Episode 11 of The Web Files with eGuiders' CEO, Marc Ostrick on Mathieas' site: LG15 Today

2. Casting Director, Bonnie Gillespie, continues to write for Showfax in a column called "The Actors Voice". She kindly showcased The Web Files as a part of the "Self-Produced Clip of the Week" in this week's column and our editor, Perry Payne, received a nice mention on his editing work for the show. Check it out here: The Actors Voice.

Thanks to Mathieas and Bonnie for helping us get the word out about The Web Files. We appreciate it!

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