Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Your Turn!

We just finished a huge round of interviews for The Web Files and I am really excited to share those episodes with you from Dirty Bomb Diaries to Showbizzle to Tim Street to Compulsions to The Cabonauts. There will be a lot of exciting news in the coming months, so keep checking back to hear the latest.

Our next round of interviews begins in mid-October and I decided to open the floor to you, the viewer. Who would you like to see on The Web Files in the coming months? Remember, we are open to anything to do with new media: web celebs, podcasts, web series, vloggers, animated web series, TV festivals, red carpet events, launch parties, etc. The only rule right now is that it has to be Southern California based. Featuring East Coast shows is on our list of things to do, but for now, please keep it on the Left Coast. So, comment below and tell us who needs to be the next featured guest on The Web Files.

**UPDATED** Due to the overwhelming response, we are going to do a "Viewers Choice" episode of The Web Files. So, keep the comments coming. We want to know which show you want to learn more about!

Thanks for watching!

PS If you haven't seen our show yet, you can find The Web Files here:


  1. Venicestheseries, Crystal Chappell, Kimmy T, Hope R, Destini41 and BPD

  2. I would like to see a ballerina interviewed and a little bit about her life in the ballet!

  3. Acting School Academy, End Result, Solo, Mercury Men?

  4. I'm surprised to see not a single report on and their million-hit shows that have run about YouTube for the past 3 years: 'Cataclysmo', 'The Black Dawn', 'Project X' and especially 'Trunk'.

  5. The Mercury Files,Mediocre Films (Greg Benson,Kim Evey)

  6. Sorry I meant Mercury Men. Web files on the brain!

  7. How can I not say "It's a Sperm's World". What a story, guy wants to be lead on an animated series, so he teaches himself animation and creates a show.

  8. Of course! It is ALWAYS okay to promote your show here. Mercury Men is in the works, so keep adding to the list! Great suggestions so far.

  9. I will also suggest Greg Benson of Mediocre Films, Julie Witter and Kim Evey of "2 Hot Girls in the Shower".

  10. If possible, I would love to have our little no budget web series covered. We would be honored. End Result: the web series.

    We have all sorts of tips, tricks and stories to share.

    Thank you.

  11. You definitely have to check out 'End Result'! It'll blow your socks off!

  12. Having been ON the show (THANKS KRISTYN!!!), to help spread the love, I'd like to throw a shout out to my pal Michael Holmes on 'Duck - n - Cover'. It's a really funny buddy cop show that I think your viewers would get a kick out of.
    Plus Mike is a funny guy who I think you'd dig!

    Michael on Twitter:

  13. I'm fascinated by the vloggers -- so very personal in their blogs and then the occasional or regular get on and live blog with friends. @LisaMurray ( is a long time(I believe) YouTuber/BlogTVer, one of the Five Awesome Optimists and working on a documentary. It might be a nice switch to talk to some people who are putting their creativity into living a very public life.


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