Monday, May 20, 2013

Media Mondays

It's kind of awesome to see the shows that were taped on Stage 8 on the Fox lot.

How was your weekend?  I hit a screening of the animated film Epic on the Fox lot as a follow-up to the article I did for SheKnows and I had fun on the red carpet with a lot of familiar faces from SYTYCD and DWTS at last night's Shaping Sounds performance. That article will be out later this week.

In the meantime, here are my media appearances from last week.

AfterBuzz TV DWTS:  I cannot believe we are here: finale week. I'm going to miss my weekly chats with Anna, Suri, and Jake, but we will be back next fall. (Although I do hope Anna is back on the show as a pro!)  See our interview with Henry Bylalikov here.

AfterBuzz TV SYTYCD:  Jake and Chloe West join AJ Gibson and I for our first week on SYTYCD. It's weird doing both shows at once. If you missed last week's show, you can watch it below. We will be moving in the DWTS slot beginning next week.

Paris Hilton speaks up about The Bling Ring:  I cannot wait to see this Sofia Coppola movie. It was big news here in LA when the thefts happened.
Jaden Smith wants emancipation for his 15th birthday:  The Smith family has an interesting way of raising their kids and their kids are kind of bratty.
Miley Cyrus' engagement ring is back on her finger: While I don't think she should get married so young, I like this badass new version of Miley.

Tom Barnard Podcast:  I dished way too much gossip about Jeremy Piven. Way too much. I come in right at the beginning. Listen here.

The Radio Dish:  I talk about Britney Spears heading to Vegas and Carrie Underwood as the new voice of Sunday Night Football. Listen in at the 22:05 mark.

Also, listen later today to start your entertainment news week:
1:30pm PT Metro News Hotline with Dave Weekley


  1. Did you stop doing the Monday night radio show?

    1. No, but the segment is pre-taped. I am not sure what time the segment runs now. I will find out. No more #RadioBurtt on Monday nights. :(

  2. Thought I remembered you mentioning the Epic screening; I liked your article. The Bling Ring is actually moving up on my to see list, it'll be my first Coppola directed movie, but the story's interesting and I like Emma Watson. It is good to see Miley and the fiancé seeming to be having the serious conversations you need to when you're considering a commitment like marriage. Too often celebrity romances skim over the less glamorous aspects of sorting things out. And people do pay attention.

    1. Thanks! Epic was good, not great...but I do like the message. The animation in the forest is lush and gorgeous though.


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