Friday, May 10, 2013

Host Louise Roe: From 'Fashion Star' to Carrera Ignition Night

 Louise Roe at the Carrera Ignition Night event in NYC

Tonight is the season finale of NBC's Fashion Star and host Louise Roe is touting a dramatic finish.

She told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, "It's so dramatic, and purely by chance, each finalist is on a different team: One is on Team Jessica, one is on Team Nicole, and one is on John's team. So that means the mentors are getting quite emotionally involved. After 10 weeks, they've totally bonded with the designers, not only onstage with me but as their mentors as well. There is a whole lot at stake. It's $6 million worth of clothes in these huge stories."

Besides the end of the fashion show for Season 2, Roe is can be seen everywhere from the Oscars red carpet to hosting a new series Beauty School on Look TV. She was also recently spotted at the Carrera Ignition Night in New York sporting the hottest shades from their current collection.

Roe shared, “Sunglasses are my favorite accessory! You can wear them anytime, anywhere and look exceptionally put-together.”

The fashionista chose peach-hued frames that are perfect for the summer season.

To find out more about Carrera, visit their website.

Who do you think will win Season 2 of Fashion Star?

Images courtesy of Marion Curtis/StarPix

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