Thursday, May 2, 2013

DWTS on AfterBuzzTV, Week 7: Shirley Ballas, Yegor Novikov

How great of a guest was Shirley Ballas? She offered up some awesome insight and she talked about the fact that there is politics on the show. However, she showed that they are fair and balanced when it comes to moving the top leaders around on that scoreboard. It's boring if Kellie or Zendaya win every week and no one should discount Jacoby for the top spot in the end. I also love that Shirley confirmed the Maks/Val/Derek's true, it exists.

As for Yegor, he was so sweet and he gave the best critique of the night when it came to Sharna and Andy's journey. He showcased what Sharna did as a choreographer for her celeb who was a great performer, but not a great dancer.  It was fantastic to hear his opinions on them.

If you missed the show, you can watch it below or download it on iTunes. Thank you for making the show #10 this week of Top Podcasts on AfterBuzz TV.  We love you guys!

I also want to thank JC Rubio and Jackie Miranne for taking your questions to the red carpet. It's awesome to have their clips and your questions featured on our show.

I can't believe we only have 3 more shows left. Sniff...I'm going to miss you all until next season...or come join me as I co-host Season 10 of SYTYCD on AfterBuzz TV beginning May 14.

Finally, you are all so sweet for sending my mother lovely birthday wishes! xoxoxo kb

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