Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Preview: AfterBuzz TV DWTS, Week 8

Okay, I know a lot of you have been asking who are guests are this week. My answer...I don't know yet. Jake is working hard on it back in LA, so hopefully we will have a guest this week. If not, you all know we have plenty to talk about with Len's "7", Sean's elimination, and Kellie and Derek were in jeopardy-ish this week.

UPDATE:  Our guests tomorrow night are Sasha Farber and Emma Slater...get those questions in!

DOUBLE UPDATE: Tristan MacManus is coming, too! #PartyTime

TRIPLE UPDATE:  No Anna tonight. She's performing in Vancouver.

So...if you have been following my tweets, I am not in LA. I am working in Houston this week.  In addition, Suri is not in LA this week either. She's starting the ProGym Challenge in Pennsylvania. It will air on ESPN2 in two weeks.  We will both be joining the discussion via the phone while Jake and Anna hold down the fort in LA.

I will be LIVE tweeting tomorrow night again like I did back in March when I was out of town for work.  Remember to use the official hashtag to talk with me and Suri:  #ABTVDance.

I am still collecting questions for Anna here on my site, so make sure to leave all of your comments and questions below.  Can you believe we only have 2 weeks left?

If you are a fan of SYTYCD, I will be starting the AfterBuzz show next week with my co-host AJ Gibson. I will have more details on time and date soon.


  1. For Anna: This was last week's question, but have always wanted to know if the couples rehearse to the original song, an edited version of original song or the band's version for the actual show? Hope you're a competitive pro next season.

  2. For either Anna or Emma, Have you ever tried pole dancing and do you think it should be considered for the Olympics.?

  3. I love the bumpers this season who gets to pick them? And i love that all the guests have such lovely accents. just waving hi from asia huge fan of all 3!:) XO

  4. For Anna: love you Anna! miss you on DWTS this season! there are some dance styles they've stopped doing some seasons (like mambo, waltz) to introduce newer ones (like argentine tango, salsa). which dances are and are not really ballroom dances? and how do you feel about them being added to the show (especially styles like lindyhop, charleston, etc)

  5. P.S. I'm SO glad Tristan is back - LOVE him! when is he getting a contender??? he's DUE! Question for Tristan - if you can pick from the celebrity types next season, would you like an actor, a singer, an athlete, or reality star?

  6. Re: Kellie/Derek Paso scores - 27 was probably about right (maybe 28). They could have given 9-9-9 (or 10-9-9) and it wouldn't have been any big deal. But they chose to give the 27 in the form of 10-7-10 which put all the Derek/Kellie fans in an uproar. Then added in an ugly fight between Len/Bruno. Why do you think they did that? Kellie/Derek not getting the votes? Bring their voters back into action after a week off from voting due to the immunity? Or just the "fun" of drama?

  7. Shoutout to Emma and Sasha this is your @DWTSTroupeFans fan twitter asking a question..How did the both of you meet? When did your passion for dancing start? What are your thoughts on the remaining couples?

  8. for sasha and emma: which one of u is the better driver?

  9. you all obviously have amazing bodies which I'm guessing means that you have your diets down. what advice would u give to someone with an eating disorder b/c at my college campus, theres too much accessibility to junk food and crap.

  10. bonjour ...Kristyn, suri, anna, jake, emma and sasha, tristan
    My question is for emma and sasha..
    what their best memories in dance ? and is it easy to dance and work together when you're a couple?
    you prefer dance together or separately on the show?

    thank you emma and sasha for the follow on twitter ...kristyn you are super ! jake , suri and anna love it ! love it...

    AU REVOIR lol afterbuzzzzz.......!!!!

  11. Question for tristan....
    Knowing that being dancer, it is a vocation and always the highest point ..
    - What do they think when they dance?

    - What was their greatest moment of solitude on stage? (trompage in not forgetting a movement ...)

    What does it feel like when motion is perfectly true? What is the feeling of perfection? ".

    thank you tristan ....love it ...vivi @

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  13. For emma, sasha and tristan ...
    Which directors would you dance? or another show that DWTS?
    and finally you are all very different, but you have all your dance style ... and you are all beautiful!
    I hope to see you again for the 17 season as a pro as well henry!
    and can be with Kristyn or SURI § LOL in star xoxo ViVi..

  14. I do not stop to watch the trio kellie / derek.....danse captivating! seriously! magnificent 10 10 and 10 not 7...
    all been there ! energy. beauty ... the music .. the costumes! all!
    I do not understand the 7!

    bravo tristan ! and kellie and derek

  15. 1) Agree with the other Anon, Len's outburst this wk seemed premeditated & reminded me when Len said he had no "agenda" during his last meltdown with Derek,Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas' trio samba. Poor Shawn Johnson looked like a deer caught in headlights. I suspect he did it again as a ratings ploy. There hasn't been much drama this season and the ratings are hurting.

    2) So glad Tristan's a guest. For being a pro, I feel like we, the audience, hardly know him. I'd like to hear his opinion on the weaknesses of the likely final four: Aly, Jacoby, Kellie and Zendaya as dancers. And I'd like to know what he'd do to prepare them for the finals if he were their teacher.

    (Not a question, but Krysten, please let Tristan know how bummed so many fans were that Dorothy had to pull out bc we wanted to see more of him. And ask him if he could be a bit more active on twitter, post more pics etc. It could only help his chances to get a long overdue, better partner next season if he raised his profile and increased interaction with his fans. )

    Thanks. Have a great show!
    Massena from Austin, Texas

  16. Hi everybody!!!

    You do not disappoint and have some great guests for us yet again :)

    I have a question for Tristan. How did you feel when Len went all cray cray? I understand they want to create some drama because the ratings are falling, but this was exaggerated. Not to mention predictable - Len always "hates" Derek's trios and always gives him 7 for them.

    It was a great performance, best of the night for me and deserved an encore :)

    Greetings from Czech republic!

  17. Kristyn I saw on twitter you were kvetching over Aly's feet a lot this week (which yes she did have some issues), but I was wondering if you watched the confessional from this week were she was talking about problems she has in gymnastics that translate to the dance floor (lack of turnout, flat feet and bad toe point. She seems super aware of the issue and is working on it.

    I know you guys said you were done with all the ringer talk, but I'm wondering if that can be reintroduced when a professional hip hop dancer gets assigned to dance hip hop on the show.

    1. Even if she had problems with her feet as a gymnast....it doesn't explain her bent legs and unpointed toes. Some of that should have been addressed as an elite gymnast. It was very noticeable in this week's dance. However, her gymn coach, Mihai Breystan, is not know for turning out artistic gymnasts. His gymnasts are powerful, strong athletes.

      In terms of DWTS, at this point in the game.....it's time to step up your game. Kellie has to show emotion, Zendaya has to show maturity, Ingo has to clean up his technique.....and Aly needs to point her toes. :)

      I don't think there should be any ringer talk when EVERYONE got the dance that they wanted that plays up to their strengths.

  18. Do you think it's fair that Zendaya and Val get to skip rumba? Shawn had to rumba as a 17 year old and Mark was able to make it age appropriate. For a while I thought they were going to let both Aly and Zendaya skip it but Aly has it next week. While I think some would say that yeah but Aly isn't a minor (and she just portrayed a prostitute) it's okay but I think you could definitely argue and most would probably agree that a 16 year old running around Hollywood has much more life experience to draw from than an 18 year old who's been trapped in a gym with Romanian coaches for the past 10 years of her life.

    1. While Aly has had a more sheltered life after years of being in the gym, I do think Zendaya gives off an air of innocence. I think it would be a bit creepy if Val and Zendaya did the rumba. I think it is smart of the producers to avoid it.

    2. I agree. Val is a pretty passionate dancer and Zendaya is a great actress. I think technique wise she would be fine...but the emotional connection to make the dance believable would be creepy.

      I think the producers had a chance to see a little bit of their rumba when everyone had to get ready for the immunity dance. If the producers didn't want to make them do that dance...maybe it was for a reason. Maybe it didn't look apprpriate....or was just creepy. It is a family show after all.

    3. Also....the age gap between Val and Zendaya is much greater than Mark and Shawn or Mark and Aly.

    4. do you think zendya and val will have to do the rumba in the final weeks ?? ,i love you siri and jake :)

  19. I agree with Bruno and Carrie Ann's comments and scores for Kellie's paso. Carrie Ann tweeted "Good night in the ballroom! Should have been 2 30's in the room tonight. Love my judges but boy do we have different opinions sometimes." Obviously she's referring to Zendaya's salsa and Kellie's paso. Tuesday night when they showed more of the judges arguing after scoring, Carrie Ann told Len "That should have been Kellie's perfect score. You have robbed her of her perfect score!" Then Len said he's given 3 10s all season. Right and 2 were for Kellie so how was this a 7? He said because it was no better than Sean's. BS! Talk about adding insult to injury. Kellie's paso deserved a 30 and so did some of her past dances. Len acted terrible and everyone was shocked. Even after his rant I thought he'd give her at least an 8. I understand about show drama but he crossed the line and long time viewers said this is the worst he's ever acted and owes Kellie, Derek and Bruno an apology.

    Len gave Jacoby's weaker paso a 9 and he didn't do much dancing, mostly just big walking and posing while the girls did the dancing. Len gave Aly's tango a 10 and Kellie's paso was better. On Tuesday night's show Val said Zendaya missed some steps, yet they got a 30 anyway. So some were overscored or Kellie was underscored.

    There were 2 foxtrots this week, they were boring and not nearly as great or difficult as Kellie's foxtrot yet they gave Zendaya's a higher score.

    I've lost count of all the times they underscored Kellie and Derek. Last week Carrie Ann underscored their samba but at least it was just 1 point, not 3 like Len this week.

    They finally had the first fair twitter vote all season since no one was really up against Zendaya's 2.5 million followers to win something and what do they do, add hip hop for her. All season she's been telling the "trained pro dancer" and "ringer" critics that she's been dancing hip hop since age 8.

    Also this makes the fourth prom and encore dance for Zendaya, third for Jacoby, second for Aly and still not a single one for Kellie.

    All season I've given the show the benefit of the doubt and don't want to believe they are pimping Zendaya to win because Disney owns ABC like many have posted online since before week 1. But the longer this mess goes on the more I believe it's true, especially after this week.

    I'm wondering what Tristan thinks about Len's rant and 7. It also would be nice to hear what Shirley Ballas thinks.

  20. Can you ask them about Zendaya's salsa...was there a mix of things in there...i loved it...but i thought i saw some hip hop moves and stuff...i'm not an expert..just wondering

  21. I loved the salsa trio. It was very unique and different especially the music. Can the pro's give some insight into the different styles of salsa (other than Latin which we traditionally see?). I understand that it was a Brazilian song and a mix of styles...fascinating.

    Thoughts on whether putting Jacoby & Kelie "in jeopardy" was to get their fans voting?

    Thoughts from each host on what makes a great freestyle? Do you think it will come down to best freestyle for the win?

  22. After many years of the same reality show, it comes to a point where it starts to bothering most of the (old) viewers, I mean, producers try plenty of new things in an attempt to refresh the show every new season, and even when most of them fail, they keep doing the same mistakes. There are still great dancers, choreographies and performances, so DWTS still entertains, but nothing last forever, so they could try to please most of their viewers.

    I have nothing much to say beyond that.
    Have a great show guys! Wishing the best for you!
    Bliss & Blessings from this brazilian fan!!!


  23. Just wanted to say congratulations to Tristan on his engagement!

  24. Out of the remaining couples who do you think will win the Mirror Ball? or who would you like to see win it? P.s. I'm crossing my fingers that you are all pros next season, you're all amazing! Jake you're awesome!


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