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AfterBuzz TV DWTS: Sharna Burgess & Lindsay Arnold

Ahhh, what a season! I cannot believe it's over.  It's been a wild ride over the last 10 weeks. My wish for next season is that we are all good to each matter who we are rooting for. We are so lucky to live in a world where we can have our own opinions and thoughts, but it is important to be respectful of the opposing side.  Kellie and Zendaya are both beautiful dancers and women. While they each brought different things to the table, we watched because we love dance.  While Kellie went home with that mirror ball trophy, I think we are all going to watch Zendaya become a superstar in Hollywood...way beyond the confines of Disney/ABC. Whether she hits the music scene or takes on the film world, mark my words, she will be wildly successful.

My article about the DWTS finale >>

I know many of you aren't satisfied with the voting explanation. ABC should have done a better job with explaining what happened much like NBC did with The Voice when they had a similar issue in early May. Legally, they did the right thing by throwing out the votes. It leveled the playing field for both coasts.  While viewers were left with phone, text, and Facebook votes, I know some of you will argue it isn't fair.  Well, I can never text since I'm not an AT&T that's not fair. I also only have a public FB page, so I cannot vote via social media. I have to pick up the phone. We could go in circles about this over and over. Remember, all networks have to abide by FCC regulations and Broadcast Standards and Practices. Here are ABC's guidelines for their entire network. What ABC failed to do is explain the situation to the viewers...that is a PR misstep.

Our pre-show Vine video >>

I also think Lindsay and Sharna addressed the footwear issue very well.  There are so many other issues to deal with when you are trying to teach a celebrity to dance.  While it may not be the preferable choice for viewers with a dance background, the pros chose what they felt was best for their celebs. I prefer the line of a heel, but once I heard Lindsay and Sharna's explanations, I feel like I understand the reasoning a bit better...even if I prefer true ballroom footwear.

One crazy photo post-show >>

Thank you all for such a great season. We really cannot do it without you. Your input, comments, questions and artful debate have been so much fun. Even when we don't agree, I love discussing the show with you.  For those of you that are fans of SYTYCD, I hope you join me, Jake, AJ Gibson, and Chloe West for a fun season. Next week, we will slide into DWTS' old time slot on AfterBuzz TV at 9pm PT, so you know where to find us. We will also be bringing in some DWTS and SYTYCD guests to join us once the Top 20 is announced.

The podcast is available to listen to here

Now feel free to comment away about the season, but be respectful of others and their opinions. Thank you! 


  1. beautiful moments with season there has been very good dancers

    1. Thanks, Vivi! We always love hearing from you.

  2. Thanks for using my question(s)!! I really enjoyed hearing their answers on the moments! Great show! :)

    1. Great questions, Kim! It was pretty funny when I made it into a speed round. Hahaha....thanks for watching. :)

    2. Yes! It was even better that way!! :) -K

  3. Loved the show this week! Thanks, guys, for addressing the sportsmanship thing. I have to say I was surprised you did, even bringing up the "family", Suri! I know you have to be somewhat tactful when addressing your guests, as they know the other pros.
    I love Sharna. She tells it like she sees it. I hope she is back next year. It was nice to get to know Lindsay a little bit. She's very genuine and sweet. I appreciate their perspective on the shoe controversy, but because they are new pros, I think they missed the point. In other seasons the judges, Len in particular, docked points for inappropriate footwear. I think that was the real controversy. Why was it fine this season?
    My best to Jake! Looking forward to tuning in to AfterBuzz next season! ...Meggie

    1. I almost died laughing when she said, "La familia!" Fans see and feel the cliques on the show. You have to be responsible for 100% of what you put out there on social media. If a tweet has an edge to it...the viewers have been with the show long enough to interpret what it means.

      We loved having Sharna and Lindsay. Sharna is always one of my favorite guests while it was such a joy to get to know Lindsay. She is a lot of fun!

      I agree on the shoe thing. I brought up that others had been called out in the past, but no one seemed concerned about it. I just wonder if it was an age thing? Aly is 18 and Zendaya is 16 and the judges didn't want to push it? Either way, Converse sneakers change the line of a leg. I'm old school, I want to see full execution. With a variety of dance shoes and heel heights available, I wish they had explored those options. However, it was good to hear Lindsay and Sharna's take on it.

      Thanks for watching, Meggie! We appreciate the support.

    2. Kristyn I don't follow the show that closely, what are the cliques of which you speak? I do so love me a good bit of backstage gossip.

    3. There is a divide between the Chmerkovskiy Brothers and Mark Ballas/Derek Hough. "La Familia" references the Russian faction of dancers on the show. We also talked about this during the Shirley Ballas episode this year.

  4. Thanks for not only a great show but for a great season. You guys are incredible. I really appreciate the honesty and how you manage all the comments and questions with such grace and how interactive you make the show.

    Can I just say that "la familia" was the best part of the show!!! Please tell Suri that if I liked her before, I LOVE her now. Could not agree more with what she meant. The whole issue on sportsmanship was very big and evident on twitter, facebook and specially during the announcement of the winners. I believe it had to be addressed, so thank you.

    Sharna is unbelievable. The honesty this girl has is incredible. Please have her on the show as much as you can next season. She's the perfect mix between talking about the technical aspect of dancing and really owning to what she says when it comes to the other issues. Can't get better than that.

    Thanks again you guys!!

    Much love from Argentina!


    1. Yes, monitoring those comments and questions this year was a full-time job. I developed a thick skin when some people didn't like our opinions. People can be so mean! LOL

      I died when she said "la familia." We talked about it pre-show, but I didn't think she was going to actually say it.

      We love Sharna and her honesty is refreshing. Can't wait to see her back next season.

  5. Thanks for doing my "describe your partner in 3 words" challenge!!! I watched it on YouTube and Sharna's reaction was sooo funny I had to take a pic and tweet it!!! My user for Twitter if you wanna see the tweet is @DanceGalEmily !!! Can't wait for the Season 17 after shows!!! Plz get Sharna on for the Season 17 after shows!!!

    Link to the tweet:

    xoxo Emily!!!

    1. Thanks for a great question, Emily! I RT'ed the photo. :)

  6. Thank you girls, GREAT show!!!

    I agree with Kristyn, the fandoms need to calm down. It's one thing to have discussions among fans where you can show how sad you are that your celebrity didn't win (or you didn't like certain pros reaction to Kellie winning), but why would you go and throw hate at someones instagram pictures or youtube videos. That's just spiteful.

    Regarding the voting - as a fan from Europe, I wasn't happy about it. However, I think the conditions were the same for all contestants. True, Zen's fans might be voting online a lot, but hopefully they used facebook as I did. That said, there is also loooooots of hardcore Derek's fans - and by hardcore, I don't mean 10s, but 100s of accounts.

    One think is certain for me. If the producers wanted to influence the final result, they wouldn't manipulate with the votes. There are much easier ways - music selection, dancing order, uncanny scoring, the way they showcase the celebrities in their packages ... so many little things :)

    I don't know how I feel about Derek coming back next season. The selfish me wants to see him and his amazing dances, but in a way I think he kinda outgrown the show? And imagine his potential partner, she would have very little chance at winning. Regardless who she is or how she dances, the man just won his 4th MBT. And that would be hard to forgive for some people :)

    One more thing. I was drinking when Suri approached the whole 'Familia' situation. I'm still drying up my laptop right now, but man, was it worth it :))))

    Thanks again for wonderful show and wish you all amazing summer!!!


    1. Hi Veronika!
      I have a feeling that Derek is going to take some time off from the show. He lost last season, but he went out on an incredible high with the Kellie win. They were a great team. Selfishly, I want to see his choreography every week though.
      Thanks for watching! We had so much fun interacting with everyone this season. "La Familia" was priceless.

      xo kb

    2. I was pretty bummed when Shawn lost, decided not to read or watch anything related to DWTS for a few weeks and just let go. But as I'm lying here with my broken leg, I started to watch your season 16 after finale show. And let me just tell you, I love, LOVE you and Suri for what you said. Thanks for doing this for the fans.

  7. Hey Kristyn and Suri, you are getting major kudos over at PureDWTS (comments) for discussing the sportsmanship controversy so candidly with Sharna and Lindsay. I dare say you'll have some new listeners next season. :) ...Meggie

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Meggie! We can't wait for all of you guys to join us next season. I think with our show and the content PureDWTS puts out.....we make a great team!


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