Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 5 (Snarky) Superlatives On The 2012 Emmys Red Carpet

Here's a quick recap of tonight's Emmy Awards red carpet before I head off to the HBO after party.  I will have more inside scoop and photos in the next few days.  Here we go!

1.  The award for "Things may look good in real life, but don't look great in photographs" goes to:  Heidi Klum.  Her hair is pretty, the sea foam color is divine, but the cut of that dress is not.  I think one slit would have looked elegant, but two high-cut slits on the leg look cheap with a low-cut décolletage.  I would have liked a little less matchy-matchy with the shoes and the earrings, but I'm glad Heidi took a risk with a color other than her usual red.  Dress by Alex Vauthier.  

2. The award for "please lay off the Botox by 50%" goes to Nicole Kidman.  Enough said

3.  The "It's fine you don't use a stylist, but please do a mirror check before you leave" goes to January Jones.   I am always hard on January, but if you are going to take big risks....make sure they work.  The hair and the makeup ruined an otherwise stunning dress by Zac Posen.

4. The "It looks good on the runway and in real life" award goes to Leslie Mann.  The color was nicely balanced with a pop of turquoise in the jewelry.  Leslie is petite, so it's great to see a dress translates well on the tall and the short.  Stunning gown by Naemm Khan and the second gown Leslie has worn by Naemm recently.

5. The "I'm sorry your marriage is over, but you look incredible" award goes to Amy Poehler.  She's never looked better and Stella McCartney helped her do it.  Again, I don't wish divorce on anyone, so please don't yell at me.


"Thank you for eating this year" Award goes to Julie Bowen.  Phew.  I almost sent you a year's supply of In-N-Out Burger after this photo.  Yes, she's still thin, but she at least she's lean versus skeletal.

What are your thoughts on tonight's Emmy Awards red carpet?  Hit me know where to find me.  


  1. Completely agree about Amy Poehler - she rocked it! And she was smart and hilarious. Emmy voters need to award this woman!!

    1. She needs to win her Emmy! It's ridiculous that it hasn't happened yet.


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