Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kate Middleton Is Super Skinny Or Pregnant?

It's a new season and I guess it's time for a new Baby Bump Watch 2012.  The question of the week:  Is she or isn't she?

The clues:

1.  Toasting twice with water versus alcohol.

2.  William said he would like two kids.

That's all we have to go on.  The media is going crazy.  What do you think?

Update:  Was Kate creating a distraction because she knew the topless photos were coming out? See the Gawker article here.  Remember, it is NSFW.  View at your own discretion.

I'm kind of rolling my eyes on this one, kids. 


  1. Oyez, it's not like she was swinging on a pole. She was on holiday and she let the girls out to play. She was in France, it is practically a law that you have to go topless.

    If she has anything to be embarrassed about, it is shattering the illusion that all British women look like Page 3 girls.

    Also, someone buy that paparazzo a better camera, I've seen shoots of Mars that had better clarity.

    1. I think the photos are fine, but you know it's always a scandal when the royals are involved. She has a hot body....that's all.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous but those pictures don't do her justice.

  3. I've seen better shots of Bigfoot.


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