Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photos From Emmys Weekend

I'm still recovering and finishing articles from the crazy Emmys weekend, but here are all of my photos from the set-up to the parties to the backstage gifting lounge.  What was your favorite part of the Emmys show?  Did you think Jimmy Kimmel was a good host?  

 Stand-ins for the real celebs in preparation for the red carpet show.  See the faux Ashley Judd here!

 It's so good to be a rich celebrity, you get more free stuff.  They were giving away these beautiful Aquaswiss watches.  I want one!

 This might be my favorite Shellac name color ever. It won't be out until November, but it's called "Midnight Swim" by CND. Thanks for the manicure, Lisa!

 I totally scared Matthew Perry who then followed me to the NBC party on Saturday night.

 Oh look!  It's the real Ashley Judd at the HBO party.

 Lena Dunham is quirky and interesting, but she deserves a better dress.

 My former colleague at ShopNBC, Charlie Lapson.

Outside The Awards Lounge Party with Gordon Vasquez of Real TV Films.

 It's a guy with an Emmy!

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal 
Shoes:  Nine West
Jewelry: All costume jewelry probably totaling less than $50

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  1. Is that your dress from the Streamy awards?

    1. Click the highlighted link in the blog to find out. ;)

  2. LOVE your nail polish. But not as much as I love Matthew Perry's expression. Hysterical! And yes, I will be tracking you down next time I go to LA. For many reasons (like a real life hug for one) but also to stalk Tori Spelling via her store near your office.
    But that's a secret.

    1. Shhh.....our secret. I won't tell anyone that you are stalking Tori. ;)


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